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Team Rocket's Rocking

Started by Macawmoses, August 17, 2009, 10:21:03 PM

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Welcome to Silph Co. Nothing shady goes on around here - nothing at all. Just enjoy the lovely elevator music, and stay out of the elevator. Have a nice day.

With that said, we move on to our 3rd Original, and 4th Overall, theme. That is simply "Team Rocket". We take nods from both the games and anime to bring you the new assortment of...staff ranks. Yeah, sucks for you all, doesn't it? We'll get to that in a bit.

For those stuck with the rank you have, it's nice to have the chance to change:

Highest Post Based Rank: Fat Cat

The fat cat is clearly an anime nod to none other than Giovanni's Persian. A menace to all - especially Meowth.

Mod: Rocket Grunt

The proper terminology. Who uses field agents when you can have grunts?

Hoggus: Smeargle

Could there be an art related rank on NSFCD, in a Pok?mon theme, without this little monkey? Didn't think so.

Sr. Mod: Rocket Scout

Another anime nod - a field agent that searches for new recruits. Not buffoons like Jesse and James.

Admin: The Boss

'Nuff Said.

It should also be noted the board categories were changed to match a relative theme - nice of us, right? Toad House was adapted to the Game DO get the reference, kids. You better. :|

For those of you upset that you didn't get a new rank, boo hoo. You can just go into your profile, hit group membership, and choose from three ranks. Look familiar? I hope so - they're the highest post based rank from all prior themes. Hero of Time? Check. Pirate? As gay as ever. Giant Goomba? Green green green. And Fat Cat will make its way when its time expires as well. We're giving you the choice of rank.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently partaking in Big Brother and use this as an out, you'll be considered a loser.

Rank Election is coming. Likely tomorrow. The rank election will be to add a user selectable rank or two. How nice of us? However, should we also feel the need, your input will be used to completely retool the current post based ranks (except Malo - it hasn't had its time to shine). So get ready to nominate - as new ranks are coming your way.

Arcade Beta Testers wanted...

Yes indeed. We know many of the issues of the current arcade - like not working. But hey, we also know how to make most of it work. Beta testers will get access to a secret board to help us pick a line-up of games, test them out (and scoring) and try our bevvy of exciting new arcade features out. I'm going to accept only five of them, so if you're interested, post in here with a good reason.


rank updates mainly


I'll sign up as a beta tester. I always used the arcade at school, and hell, I stayed up until 3 AM on a school night playing the arcade for a special rank. I loved the arcade, and I want to make sure it's just as good, if not better, than it was originally.
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Cool shiz. I'd better lock my topic in Soap Town, though.

The Riddler

...selectable ranks?

Then what's the point of it being a "rank"?

Other than that, I like everything.


I'll be a beta tester for the Arcade.


Quote from: Riddler_RAGE on August 17, 2009, 11:07:10 PM
...selectable ranks?

Then what's the point of it being a "rank"?

Other than that, I like everything.
It's a membergroup, if you'd like to get into specifics. Ranks is just the wonderful term we've generated as we are an Nsider spinoff.


Wow, we actually got something out of this rank update. Wait, Hero of Time is a group now!?

And I would beta test, but I can't do it 'till I get back.


I want to change my rank so BAD!

But yeah, I'll help get a good game selection. And Beta test :)

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change

Dog Food

Cool, we finally got around to doing this. I think Hero of Time is my favorite of those three.

Also, I'll Beta Test. I'd like to explore the games and try them all out. I love arcade games.
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Lohn Jocke

I take what is the last spot for beta testing (That's what I count, since Myl isn't getting it)



Wait, what happened to the swords on Hero of Time?


Oh my god get rid of intercourse ing Malo.

Otherwise... uh cool?


Is Malo supposed to be a penalty rank or something?
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Hero Of Time cannot post in this thread. :P


Quote from: SkyMyl on August 18, 2009, 11:39:30 AM
Wait, what happened to the swords on Hero of Time?
We lost the prefix mod that allowed it.

Quote from: JNFS2014 on August 18, 2009, 07:10:54 PM
Hero Of Time cannot post in this thread. :P
Ah, silly me. Bulletin Board has its own permissions. I'll update those soon.