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Infinity - BETA

Started by Magnum, October 27, 2009, 06:58:45 PM

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You have been chosen out of many other people to beta test our new game. We were hoping to keep it hidden, but we need to know what you think of it. So, if you would like to join, please install the program attached to this E-mail, and send us your information. We will send you our all new, super advanced holographic system.
With this equipment, it will follow your movement and copy it in game! Sizes for the uniform are a one size fits all. The masterpiece of this set it the helmet reflector. It will show you a complete 360? of the game and give you complete sound of all the areas.
Of course, this isn't complete, so you may find lands that have bugs, glitches, or incomplete coding. We are still working on this, and are the reason we need you. So, without further waiting, please enjoy Infinity, the all new MMO created by Valkyrie productions.

Character options:
If you are here, we are glad to see that you have taken your first steps into Infinity. The story of this world may be a mystery to you now, but it won't be for long. As you travel through this world, you will find many hidden secrets that must be uncovered. But to do that, you must create your character. Please fill out the necessary fields.
* = Necessary

*Character Name: What will be your screen name for the game

Real Name: What is the name that you have in real life

*Sex: Male or Female

*Age: This will affect your characters ability and progress in battle

*Class: (For more information on classes, please continue on towards the bottom)

*Attire: What your character appears to wear. No matter what his equipment is, he will look like he is wearing his attire

*Equipment: (For more information on equipment, please continue on towards the bottom)

*Weapon Mastery: You may start off with 1 and earn more as you complete quests and level up. Weapon Master is how well you can handle a weapon. When you get stronger, you will obtain more (For more information on weapon mastery, please continue on towards the bottom)

*Background info: (Simple explain where your character came from in-game. This can talk about how you became who you are, that someone that you're looking for, or just how you got recruited and you didn't even want to join. The possibility is limitless(

Family: In real life, how big is your family (Survey being done. Help support Valkyrie productions and fill us in a little)

IQ: In real life, how smart is your brain (Another survey. Please support Valkyrie productions once more)

That is all and we hope you enjoy. Beta testing will officially begin at 10:00, Infinity world clock. The clock should be located on Infinite web page, www.Infiniteworld(dot)com.
Thank you and welcome to the Valkyrie family.

There are many different paths that you may take in Infinity. The first may prove to be one of the most difficult; however, as you much choose what class your character will uptake. Warning, you may choose your class, but at your age, you might not be able to be it. So please get an idea of the top 3 class you would like and continue down to age.
Swordsman ? The starting class for any who aspire to be a master sword wielder in the future. These men base all they?re stats on technique and speed. When you use this character class, you will feel the spirits of old sword masters flowing through your body

Guardian ? A man who lives not for self gain, but to protect those around him. This class is physical support class that can take more shots than any other character class. They are also the base for becoming enlightened. When you use this character class, you will feel the hopes and dreams of all your friends, and know that you have the power to protect them

Thief ? A scoundrel, low life, nothing who has taken fate into his own hands. Every single ones past may be filled with hardship, but that makes them strong. This class is made for those who don?t believe in frontal assault. They are the fastest of the physical classes. When you use this character class, you will feel the burning fury and the devouring hate, and you will have to make your choose

Heavy ? A being clad in armor beyond normal human allowance. These humans can get hit by many weapons and not have even their armor dent. They have a weakness to magic as it can easily penetrate their armor. This class will make it so that you could survive even a dragon?s assault. When you use this character class, you will be endowed with protection that even the gods wished they had

Soldier ? All your life, you?ve been one in a million. But you know what you are. You?re one of none. And you aim to prove that with your great weapons skills and above average ability growth. With this class, you have much to prove, but do not fear, as so many respect you already. When you use this character class, you will feel the thoughts of all those around as they head to the same goal and it is up to your resolve to found out if you have what it takes to be a Legend

Mage ? Destruction, Fury, Terror, Might. Light, Calm, Life, Peace. Chooses of a mage is limitless. They are the descendents of master Elementals, and continue the tradition. Mages are strange folk as so many different kinds of characters exist within them. The class with the most anguished looks thrown their way. When you use this character class, you will feel abandoned and forgotten. Do not freight though, as when the time comes, you will be looked as a savior, and one day live up to your ancestors

Sorcerer (ess) ? Master of everything, yet nothing. There are many fields of Sorcerer?s, as everything left over gets piled onto it. Sorcerer?s power goes beyond human imagination. These people are known to be the most powerful division of magic because it is truly unknown how far their powers extend to, or if it is truly endless. When you use this character class, you will feel a sense of wonder and mystery as you continue down the path you?ve chosen

Druid ? A man of the land who has vowed to protect it and its creatures. The Druid is often respected and treated kindly because of their kind and cheerful personalities (of course, there are exceptions). A Druid is also usually very wealthy as they are asked to help with the beasts in the area. If not able to negotiate, the Druid can use their limitless knowledge of the planet to crush their enemies. When you use this character class, you will feel the power and wonders of the planet flowing through your body, calming and cooling you

Priest (ess) ? A Priest is a noble human who has devoted themselves to a higher cause. They believe that everyone?s life is a test to see how strong they truly are, and the Priest?s job is to guide them and help them along the way. Whether that is by offering guidance or by healing a wounded, your accomplishments in life guarantee you a spot in the next one. When you use this character class, you will feel the needs of the many. How you deal with that is an unknown phenomenon

Necromancer ? Necromancy is an unnatural art usually rivaled by Druid?s and Priest?s alike. A Necromancer is a selfish being looking for a way to make the rules in life by altering the rules of the dead. You use your deceased friends, family, neighbors, anyone, to get what you want. Whatever that goal is, you will be shunned and considered and outcast even by Magic Fencer?s. When you use this character class, you will feel an absolute drive to whatever your goal may be

Magic Fencer ? An abomination and blight to all around you. A Magic Fencer is someone who has turned their back on the laws of society and follows their own code. To use magic and fight with a weapon is considered a crime against God, as they try to prove that they can be just as powerful as he is. When you use this character class, you will feel the true darkness of people?s hearts attacking you, but you must endure to reach the highest level possible (this class is for Advanced Players Only!)

These are just your starter classes. As you play more and accomplish certain goals, you may find yourself under a new, more respectable title. Even after so, you may even reach a rank even King?s can never accomplish.

Now that you have run through the classes, we have more for you. If you truly want to immures yourself in this world, we do suggest you choose the age that you are in real life so that you may really enjoy the game as if you were in it. Of course, we won?t go to your house to check if you are lying. Remember, you may not be able to use ever class for every age, so choose you class wisely.

Age 4 - 10
Still too young to battle, but inimitability is contained by children that has vanished when they grow older. The power of virtuous sight and bliss. Their greatest weapon is their mind and the imagination within it. These youngling?s  have the utmost Magic potential of any age group, but have the lowest of any other status except Luck, which is expected for a child.
Classes Usable:  Mage, Sorcerer, Priest

Age 11 ? 17
The world has started to become lucid to you, but there is still much to discover. At such an adolescent time, you have an opening to develop into anything you yearn to be. But is the genuineness of humankind so simple to be seen? There is always more for you to find out, and with time on your side, you have major potential. This age group has the most class possibilities. In general, their stats are average or a little below. Growth, yet, is what makes these so grand.
Classes Usable: Swordsman, Thief, Heavy, Soldier, Mage, Druid, Priest, Magic Fencer

Age 18 ? 30
You are a man at this time, but have you earned it? You may believe you have the humanity figured out, but you?re just one more individual. However, you are establishing your chief skills and your powers are showing because of it. Who knows, maybe you truly do know how the world ticks. These youthful adults have a nice pool of classes to choose from and average to mid-high stats. Their personalities are still an enigma because of the diverse amounts of humans this age.
Classes Usable: Swordsman, Thief, Heavy, Soldier, Mage, Sorcerer, Druid, Magic Fencer

Age 31 ? 55
You can officially identify yourself as a man now. All your thrills from your upbringing have left, and you recognize how life works. You have made chooses and must survive with them now. You existence still has a great deal of time left, so among what you have left, do as much as you ought to. At such an age, some things have appeared for you that you may follow. Their stats are mostly level or exceeding for physical, with below average magic.
Classes Usable: Guardian, Soldier, Priest, Necromancer, Magic Fencer

Age 55 and Up
Age has breached the horizon of your time alive, but that doesn?t mean you have to lie down and take it. While the strength of youth has disappeared, age has brought about the wisdom that all expect and envy you for. You skills are highly fined, and are able to perform skills like a master on your first try. These old-timers don?t have the best of stats, but have some of the better skills of the game.  They?re stats are still something to worry about.
Classes Usable: Swordsman, Guardian, Sorcerer, Priest, Necromancer

So you have done it. Your character now has the basics on which he shall devout his life on. Caution, however, as many obstacles? shall impede your progress. Do what YOU would truly do. Become your character and live their life the way you see fit. Now, for this section of your character, we would like you to explain, or show, how you envision your character. Give all the tiny specks you can. Remember, only your imagination is the limit.

Be sure this is what you wish out of your attire, because once you?re in-game, there is no turning back. You might also want to make sure your cloths are durable! Moving onto the next section, we?re going to talk about your equipment. All classes have different weapons and armor. Examples are that Necromancer?s can wear cloth and robs, but no heavy armor, and can use staffs, rods, and wands. They also can wear Ancient Accessories, a very powerful type of extra equipment. Always be on the lookout for something that you and your friends can use!
The class? that can use the weapons are as followed.
Swordsman ? All types of swords

Guardian ? Bare-handed, shields, knuckles, gauntlets, bow

Thief ? Dagger, short sword, bare-handed

Heavy ? Lance, broadsword, long sword, bow, axe, shields

Soldier ? Lance, long sword, bow, axe, shields, dagger

Mage ? Staff, book, rod, dagger

Sorcerer (ess) ? Rod, staff, instrument

Druid ? Book, wand, dagger

Priest ? Staff, rob, book, wand

Necromancer ? Staff, rod, wand, dagger

Magic Fencer ? Instrument, rod, staff, all types of swords, bow, shields, bare-handed, book, lance

As for your starting weapons, those will be given to you when you start. The build-out for you equipment is as followed.

Weapon (If you have enough Mastery to dual wield or to hold a shield. Read on to find more out)
Chest Armor
Accessory (Your starting accessory limit is 3. This can be increased later on as you progress)

Now onto Weapon Mastery. What is it? It is how skillful you are when you are using a certain weapon. You level these skills up by using the weapon, completing training with masters, doing quests that involving the weapon, or just by leveling up normally. At the beginning, you will get 1 point to put into one of these slots. The available slots are?
Short sword
Long Sword
Twin Blade

The limits for any of these classes are infinite, achievements that not even the gods? dream of having. But for you, dreams are a regular occurrence that happens every time you close your eyes.

That is it! Your character is complete. But it is no longer your character; it is the embodiment of your soul. Thank you and we hope you have a wonderful time with the game! But, before you jump right in, we would like to kindly ask you a few simple questions. These aren?t necessary but they help with some research we?re dwelling into. Please take the time to answer them!
1.   How many family members do you have? Just within your living group, not you?re extended. Naming your brothers and sister would be most helpful and appreciated.
2.   We would like to know, what is your IQ level? Within the game Infinity are puzzles designed to test your knowledge. We need to see who is able to solve them and how smart they are in real life.
Once again, thank you, oh so much, and enjoy the game of Infinity, a new frontier for online gaming!

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change



Help a poor old man to the next town over!
Reward: Negotiable
Description: I need to go to the next town over, Hyfen, to see my great grandson's birth. But with all the monsters, I need help. Multiple people are better.

Monster extermination
Reward: 100 Gold, anything you get during quest
Description: Come see the Monster's Guild for more details.

Reward: Training
Description: I'm afraid I have reached an age where I just can't do much anymore, and I expect to pass soon. But, I would love to give off some of my skills to any student willing to learn. I will be holding a tournament to determine the best, and whoever it is, I will teach them anything they are willing to learn. Come to the edge of town by sundown for more details.

Lost cat
Reward: ALOT!

This is not a quest, but an advertisement to join an academy to learn some skills. It is in the middle of town and holds no description on what it teaches.

Graffiti investigation
Reward: 300 Gold
Description: We are tired of the brats of this town putting graffiti on the quest board. Please find the culprits and bring them to us.
-Town Hall

Reward: Money based on Job
Description: The darkness of the demons are spreading, and we need all the people we can get. Join for the future!

Humans Needed
Reward: 10,000 gold
Description: We, the sorcerers of this town, believe that we may have a way to close the portal between our world and the demon's world. We need humans to help us make sure. Be prepared to enter the other world. We have used animals but we need humans to make sure. Come to our lab next to the Town Hall to apply.

Everything else seems to have Graffiti on it.

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change



Aven (The town you start off in)

Healing Herb - 20
Healing Balm - 45
Angel's Tears - 100
Antidote - 15
Jolt Tonic - 15
Seer glasses - 15

In the current town, there are no other stores.

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change


Item List

Healing Herb - Brings HP up 30%
Healing Balm - Brings HP up 45%
Healing Leaf - Brings HP up 60%
Healing Life - Brings HP up 100%
Angel's Tears - Revives a PC with 20% health and their MP is the same from when they were downed
Angel's Mercy - Revives a PC with 50% health and their MP is the same from when they were downed
Antidote - Cures poison
Jolt Tonic - Cures leg immobilization
Scorch Tonic - Cures arm immobilization (Causes 10 HP damage)
Seer Glasses - Cures blindness

More to be added later.

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change


More space (Just to be careful)

This will also be the thread right now I use to explain this.
Alright, so I've been working on this for a while now, trying to figure out a story and the basics for it. Let this be known now. I PLAY D & D IN REAL LIFE! What this has to do with anything? Well, when someone tells me that they want to role-play, I defiantly think of D & D. It's ruined me so that I usually want an expansive RP when I do it. So, I have around 30 abilities for each class and I plan to add more. I have a status system that works off your Strength, Magic, Dexterity, and such.
Also, before I continue, no, I will not be a hard ass about this. RP's are meant to be fun, so I won't be correcting you after every post. I do, however, expect everyone to have as much fun as possible out of this. ^_^

To clarify, when I ask for your real name, I mean your real name in the RP world outside of Infinity. Same with the family question. It has to do with the story, don't worry about it. Also, you really don't have to fill it out (though it would be helpful if most of you did)

As for the small character things, I would suggest having 1 character a person as it will help you get into the role-playing of the character more, but I will allow up to 3 just so we can have more "people".
I'm not sure when I'll start this, and I will update it every chance I get until we start. Once we start, I will go into the details a lot more. Until then, I want that to be as much a secret as I can.
Alright, that's it for now. Look towards this post for any details.

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change


Character Name: Jason Rose
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Class: Soldier
Attire: Dark jumpsuit. Eyebrow-length dark-brown hair and dark-brown eyes.
Weapon Mastery: Longsword (:()
Family: Uncle that lives somewhere.
IQ: 125


Backstory: Orphaned at a young age, Jason was raised by his Uncle Chris. Once Chris shewed young Jason pictures of knights and soldiers, Jason became amazed.


Quote from: PokemasterJ on October 27, 2009, 07:27:29 PM
Character Name: Jason Rose
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Class: Soldier
Attire: All-black jumpsuit
Equipment: Um....wat?
Weapon Mastery: Gunblade (plz plz plz..)
Family: Uncle that lives somewhere.
IQ: 125
Lolwhat? I think you're going to have to stick with one of the regular weapon mastery's until we start and the blacksmith opens up. Even then, your going to need some nice items to synthesize to make a GOOD gunblade. I would consider it a Long Sword as well, if you want to set a goal for it.

Also, you don't get the equipment until I send you your stats. I also tell you your starting equipment. I put the option there so that you can put your equipment on it later on if you want people to know what you have. It is required that you show your starting equipment, but it's your choose to show you weapons later on  ;)
If I was an ADMIN, I could edit it for you. Friggin Silver >:(

EDIT: Oh wow, I already forgot something. Background story was added to the sheet. I will explain it up there.

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change


Character Name: (Warlord) Zigmor

*Sex: Male

*Age: 16

*Class: Heavy

*Attire: Goggles on his forehead and black spikey hair. All the rest of his clothing, shirt, pants, and sash are all red.

*Weapon Mastery: Axe (p.s. gunblades sux!)

Family: Two parents, one brother, and one grandpa

IQ: 118

*Background info: (I shall be doing this in the voice of my grandpa becuase I can.) "He was always a protective young lad, always taking the blames and punishments of others. He's a good kid. I'm glad he became a heavy because even without all that new fangled super armor stuff he'd still be an unpenetrable fortress...Also, he had a thing for axes. That may also be why he wants to be a heavy. I mean, I don't blame him. He's six foot and three inches for crying out loud! Listen, this job was MADE for him."


Weapon : Rusted Axe (ATK: +5; SPD: -1) Being rusted is a bad thing. But you can find a way to find it quite useful
Weapon : None
Chest Armor : Steel plating (DEF: +1) The normal of the normal. Still very sturdy.
Leggings : Steel chain (DEF: +1; Prevents immobilization by weapons) That has to be "HEAVY"!
Boots : Steel toed boots (No special upgrades) Why are you wearing those?
Accessory : Upgrade Chain (Allows you to use one skill after another. Can only chain 2 skills together)
Accessory : None
Accessory : None
Backpack : No current extra equipment or items


The one that I made doesn't suck. :(


Quote from: PokemasterJ on October 27, 2009, 08:53:08 PM
The one that I made doesn't suck. :(
Sorry about that. I just have a thing against the dumbest, most impractical, idiotic weapon to ever exist in the universe. No offence intended towards you...just the gunblade.


Both the one-handed and two-handed ones?


Yep. And I'm going to start RPing so these posts aren't just random chit chat.

I've just gotten home and unloaded all my things needed for Infinity. I'm so excited! I can't wait any longer. Here I go!


Welcome to Infinity. Please enjoy your virtual fantasy experience.


Quote from: Dr.Hobo2 on October 27, 2009, 09:02:19 PM
Yep. And I'm going to start RPing so these posts aren't just random chit chat.

I've just gotten home and unloaded all my things needed for Infinity. I'm so excited! I can't wait any longer. Here I go!


Welcome to Infinity. Please enjoy your virtual fantasy experience.
Hold up there horsey. I know you probably want to start, but I need to wait until a few more people join for the introduction so that I can explain some stuff In-game. After that, you're free to do whatever you like. Like the Valkyrie promotion guys said, nothing is out of your reach as long as you can imagine it.

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change

Lohn Jocke

Character Name: Jerr Baynes
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Class: Thief
Attire: White Hair, Completely white eyes/pupils, Camo Jumpsuit.
Family: Jayne Dimitri, his Foster parent
IQ: 130
Backstory (told from Jayne's point of view): "Jerr was... different. He never liked being near others, and he got suspensions every other week for fighting. He never had any money, so during high school, he stole anything he could get his hands on. He was pretty short, about Five and a half feet, so I could see why he liked taking the stealthy route."


Weapon : Beaten Dagger (No special upgrades) This thing looks about ready to break.
Weapon : None
Chest Armor : Padded Leather (Immune to Arrows) But not for Swords, loser!
Leggings : Padded Leggings (Immune to Immobilization) Nice, now go jump up that wall. Oh wait....
Boots : Bare-Feet (As a thief, when Bare-footed, gain a +1 speed)
Accessory : Relief armlet (SP Consumption -10)
Accessory : None
Accessory : None
Backpack : 10x Lockpicks, thread, rusty key


Oh yeah, forgot this was deleted. D: And it still reminds me of Heir Apparent.

Character Name: Harver

Real Name: Harver Larson

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Class: Straying from the normal for Harver here, and going with Mage.

Attire: A white shirt covered by a black jacket (he sometimes has it unzipped, other times not), black slacks, black "nice" shoes, and a black fedora. He has red hair, blue eyes, and is of average height.

Weapon Mastery: Books/Tomes

Background info: Harver was a gifted young boy. He studied intensely so that he could become a dignified scholar when he grew up. While looking through different magic uses, he discovered that he had the ability to read tomes and use the spells inscribed within them. He decided to leave his studies for awhile in order to hone these skills.

Family: Two parents; a mother and a father.

IQ: Not sure, but my guess would be somewhere between 120 and 140.


Weapon : Dusty Tome (MAG: +1) Dusty, no matter how much you clean it
Weapon : None
Chest Armor : Robe (RES: +1) Don't you feel like a mage?
Leggings : None
Boots : Flyte Wings (Allows "Levitate" spell to be cast 3 times a day) Rich Boy!
Accessory : Rose Necklace (MAG: +2; MP CONSUMPTION +10)
Accessory : None
Accessory : None
Backpack : Book Cover, Herb
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