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A Few Minor Updates - Arcade and Background Color

Started by Macawmoses, November 10, 2009, 11:20:23 PM

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[bg-color=#FFFAF0]Since the downtime, we have faced huge drains in activity. While I am sure this has nothing to do with the features, many of them have been in a somewhat state of disrepair since then, and the arcade was at the forefront. As such, I have worked on and off for the past 24 hours to try and enhance the arcade experience.

First and foremost, the arcade is not compatible with this version (or newer) of SMF - our forum software. Silver and I had to rig it to work in the first place, so understand the issues that arise from this.

There has been a need to purge scores for some time. Each and every score has been removed - your high score records as well. Sorry about that, but some of them were just acting goofy. I believe I have remedied the issue, though, so all is well.

Of course, another reason for this was because of some of our games that got uninstalled for whatever reason. Curveball, Miami Shark, and Seconds of Madness have all returned. [/bg-color]

[bg-color=#FF9912]Wee. In terms of new games, there is an interesting collection of them I found on my computer. No, not the 18+ ones :| Unfortunately, a couple of the better ones are non-scoring until either I update them myself, or I find a more compatible version. These games are Helicopter and Avalanche. I will be working diligently to try and update them, along with Ultimate Crab Battle and Miami Shark.[/bg-color]

[bg-color=#37FDFC]Of course, I did manage to get a good haul of scoring games up there for your pleasure. They are:

Black Knight: A game dedicated to clubbing everything in site, except an evil witch.
Defend Your Castle: Need I say more?
DK's Banana Toss: DK wants to barrel up his bananas...and you have to help.
Fish Eat Fish: Eat smaller fish, don't get eaten by bigger fish. It's natural.
Ice Hockey: I don't even know. But it has hockey in the title, eh?

Hopefully those five games help you sleep at night. I know I certainly will sleep better knowing that you all have some interesting new games to play <3 Altogether ten games were added in tonight, and several more were removed.[/bg-color]

[bg-color=#83F52C]Oh, and I made an old feature work quite well. In fact, it was the one thing that refused to work in our initial install of the arcade - Syntax couldn't make it work, Silver couldn't, and I sure as hell couldn't. But, I was inspired by our failure, and took a stab at it tonight. I first cleaned up some of the code (oh god is it bad), then proceeded to run a couple of admin tools. Between the lot of it, the feature got working.

Tournament allows you to partake in a series of tournaments - be it one game or ten with other users for a head to head battle. While we obviously don't have a monetary system or anything of the like on the forum, I still think it could be fun to play around with. Unfortunately, there are some limitations to it...but hey, we can have some fun.

First tournament is max participation (10 Users), and starts off with Color Boxes, and moves on to some of our lovely new games for your enjoyment. It should prove rather challenging, and I am curious to see what we can do with its limitations. Nonetheless, the tournament is good to go, so click join, then under your name you can hit the "waiting" links - your score on that play through of the game will be kept as part of the tourney.[/bg-color]

[bg-color=#37FDFC]There is still much to be done, though, so the arcade may flip on and off through the course of the week. Much of it is graphical updates - killing the little space invader below your name, rendering images properly, making sure each game has a thumbnail, and ensuring the images are placed across all themes. I will also work to categorize games more appropriately than "default," add help to each game, a description, and clean The Poster up a bit. I hope that this weekend will mark the arcade entering its golden age.[/bg-color]

[bg-color=#83F52C]And in case you were wondering about the obnoxious colored background, that is custom bbcode created by Syntax Error for us at my request. I will be tweaking it a bit - possibly adding a border, trying to remove the line break it insists must be there, and more.

For those wondering why I would request something like this - and actually implement it, well, hi. There are a few reasons, and a few things that can be done:

Custom Spoilers: You can make a spoiler area yourself by choosing a color, and mimicking the font color with that color.

Priorities and Levels:
Red Alert. Yellow Alert. Green Alert. I may do this to further establish between solved and in conflict topics on the help board, or use it on the mod board. I am sort of in limbo, but I have quite a few ideas.

Formatting: Sometimes longer posts would just look better with a background. This presents that option to you, the user, to spice things up. Eye rape won't be tolerated though.


[bg-color=#83F52C]It, too, faces its own limitations - but hey, it is cool. With that said, I hope those of you that enjoy the arcade enjoy these updates. They are a ninny to do :| For those of you upset over the background colors, you don't have to use them :|[/bg-color]



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The new BBcode looks interesting. I'll probably be too lazy to use it unless I really want to stress a point or something. And I'm excited about the Tournament feature. I think that could really spice up the Arcade and it's competition.

Thanks for the updates, Mack <3
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For the background thing, shouldn't there be a button?
Dude .


Quote from: JrDude ♫ on November 14, 2009, 12:43:32 AM
For the background thing, shouldn't there be a button?
Much of the bbcode on a forum isn't connected to a button. But I can work on adding one in across the themes.


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Quote from: Doodle on November 14, 2009, 10:10:05 PM
[bg-color=red]Sounds[/bg-color] [bg-color=yellow]good[/bg-color] [bg-color=blue]to[/bg-color] [bg-color=pink]me.[/bg-color]
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