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GTA: Chinatown Wars moving to PSP, the DS conundrum...

Started by Nayrman, June 22, 2009, 07:46:08 AM

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I was really unsure where to put this, because while this seems like a Sony board thread, I'm more interested in the DS ramifications of such a move.

We all know Chinatown Wars hasn't exactly been the best selling game on the DS. This is once again throwing a cog into developers plans in releasing core games on Nintendo systems, as shown by terrible third party sales on the Wii, as well as only about seven M rated games on the DS. It'll be interesting to see how this game sells on the PSP later this fall. If the numbers are really good on that system, it may be a big blow in Nintendo trying to get support from third party companies wanting to take risks of mature core games on their systems.

While I don't think it will effectively kill off core games, it'll definitely keep certain publishers away from the systems, especially if core games are what the company is known for. I guess we'll have to see in the fall.

On the PSP side of things, this is a good idea on Rockstar's part. I really like this move, since it's also going to be available for direct download (no doubt a launch title that's going to be heavily advertised for the PSPGo launch along with Gran Turismo). Besides, graphics wise it's an easier dodwnload for the system than maybe some other titles. Other than the UMD regular PSP product, Rockstar has to spend almost no money porting this over. Just gotta change the controls a bit.

As for me, still not interested in the game. Still hate the top down display XD


I'm guessing the game's sales will do loads better on the PSP.


Eh, I don't imagine there to be huge ramifications. I've thought about it, and talked to some of my editorial staff elsewhere. We came to a consensus that the figures the DS has are lifelong, while the PSP, with an exhausted library in a week, just sort of fizzles out.

I do, however, believe that we are going to see sharper initial sales. That will bode well with R*, I'm sure...but, meh. All in all, the move makes sense. Gaming is about money, and I don't think Third Parties should make exclusives for anyone, unless they know they would get swamped on other systems (The Conduit).


Yeah i just heard about this, they said the title only sold 90,000 copies. Not exactly the big hit rockstar was hoping for...


Quote from: Mutilator<Seven> on June 26, 2009, 12:44:17 PM
Yeah i just heard about this, they said the title only sold 90,000 copies. Not exactly the big hit rockstar was hoping for...
They claim to be more than satisfied. Which they should be. That's a good indicator to lifelong sales.


Weren't they a little bit desperate with the game? I mean, it's just the first GTA game of Nintendo. They should wait like a growing plant for it to become big for many or something like that.