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League of Legends

Started by Silverhawk79, August 31, 2012, 01:41:13 PM

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Flying Chickens

I just started playing. It's fun and poop.


I've been looking to get back into this game for a while now, actually; school kept me from it for a few months. >:( (Just like it kept me from posting on this forum...)

Anyway, I'm not too good. I can usually keep from dying in a bot match, but I don't know about PvP since it's been even longer since I've played that. I usually get around five kills and one or no deaths. I don't really care about kills, so I just do whatever; which is mostly killing turrets.

If anyone wants to add me, I'm Leviathan39.
I dunno hao 2 put imgs heer :(

****************Mack was here******************