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Hyrule Warriors DLC Weapons That Don't Exist, But Should

Started by JrDude, March 02, 2015, 07:51:46 AM

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Basically, because so many characters have only one type of weapon.
Sheik: Chainlink (Like from SSB)
Darunia: Goron Bracelet (Probably another Fire Based weapon. Like he gives to Link in OoT. He'd basically be fighting with his fists. This would make his combos much like Goron Link from MM. Stronger version could be like, Dodongo Bracelet, & Darmani's Bracelet)
Ruto: Mikau's Guitar (Water again would make sense, but Electric could work too. Another music based weapon, that looks a lot like an Axe, so could be used as one too. Maybe make the first few attack combos like Zora Link in MM, then switch to smacking with the Guitar. Stonger version could be like, Japas' Bass)
Young Link: Deku Mask (Water based weapon. Kinda like the Great Fountain Fairy takes over almost as a whole new character, Deku Link would do the same. Stronger version could be like, King's Mask, or Butler's Mask [as Deku Link is implied to be the soul of the Butler's son]).
Wizzro: Lanturn (Fire based. Make his attacks like the Poes of the game, since he's basically a glorified Poe)
Tingle: Pictobox (Electric)
That could be like, a second Majora's Mask pack or something.
Another pack, Skyward Sword Pack!
Fi: Scrapper (Electric. You know the little slave robot from that game, he loves Fi! A stronger version can be Skipper.)
Cia: Whip (She's already the sex symbol of the game, let's give her an item that is legitimately in the Zelda Universe, the Whip)

And a cool DLC Character idea would be... Nabooru. In fact I'm kinda surprised she's not somehow already in the game by now.
A funny one would be Dampé.

Personal opinions.
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