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Asscreed series

Started by Zero, November 12, 2014, 07:46:32 AM

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So what does everyone here think about this series? I started up Asscreed 3 yesterday and so far, I am very unimpressed. First 4 hours of the game amount to nothing but a lite-tutorial with plenty of "slowly walking/riding a horse while listening to characters talk" bullpoop. Game is so intercourse ing buggy. I can't get escorts to respond properly to commands, distant NPCs constantly glitch in and out of enviroments, objectives glitch so I can't  complete them and I fall through floors. Combat is inferior to the Batman games, which is saying something because the Batman Arkham combat is quite literally meant for people that can't into games like Ninja Gaiden/DMC.

I played AC1 when it was first released, and was very underwhelmed. Repetitive. Unrewarding combat. Uninteresting characters. Shitty plot. Weak atmosphere. Buggy as intercourse . Only cool things about the game were many small things that were new at the time because of new technology.

I played AC2 when a few months after release, and thought it was okay. Much better than the first in just about every aspect imaginable including writing but ultimately still unpolished.

That's all I've played besides dicking around in Black Flag at a friend's place, which was much more fun than these games I've mentioned.

How the intercourse  is this series still alive? Like, I can see the fun in the Batman Arkham games. Not these intercourse ing games. So why is it so popular? You guys are aware that we have TWO NEW Asscreed games out right now right? In the same month no less. This series is now big enough to where Ubisoft puts out TWO games in the series around the same time.

Is there something I am missing here? Insight would be intercourse ing nice right about now because I just don't get this poop.


Ubipoop is poop. Should have ended after 3.

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i think assassins creed is the most boring ass casual ass game that i can't even understand how anyone thinks is fun unless they're huge history buffs
the gameplay is complete garbage and extremely tedious and i haven't found the stories in any of the games to be compelling

i really wanted to play assassins creed 1 when it came out but when i finally got my hands on it i was bored as intercourse
then i played 3 and thought that was poopty too
i played a bit of brotherhood when my brother was playing and it was the same garbage

i never played 2, people say that's the best one
the pirate one seemed cool i had two friends that liked it a bunch but i never had the motivation to start it up

the best assassins creed is this: [spoiler][/spoiler] becuase i remember hte gameplay being kinda fun or at least more compelling than the poopty games on 360/ps3/whatever

how assassins creed 1 and 3 ever got anything above a 6/10 blows my mind

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I started playing it again and got to where Conner is grown and an assassin.

Every time I see Conner's sensei he's hunched over without his cane and when I'm out and about in the frontier or in Boston I can see random canes floating here and there and everywhere.

Not game breaking but jeez it happens so often I have no idea how this wasn't caught during development.


I liked 2 but I couldn't finish Brotherhood. I'd say they should wrap this series up but people keep buying it for whatever reason.


Didn't they say they'd make like fifty of them? Considering that's not gonna happen with Watch_Dogs, they probably want to push Assassin's Creed even more.

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Tuppy frightens me with his knowledge of legacy technology.


I own 1, 3, and 4.

Why did I skip the Ezio trilogy, you ask?

1 was dirt cheap, 3 looked fun just for the America stuff (major disappointment), and 4 looked fun for the pirate stuff (not disappointing, it was super fun).

I like the over-arching story, from what I've seen of it, but I don't have the energy to play through 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 now that I've spoiled the ending for myself. I just enjoy the individuals for what they are.

As for these two new titles, I'm not sure if I'll get on board. Don't have a PS4/Xb1 first off, plus the overarching story seems like it's stalling in 4 and I don't care to spend $60 if it's still stalling now, and thirdly I'm just mad at Ubisoft for abandoning Nintendo when the crap sales of 3 and 4 were their own fault.


It is amazing that Ubisoft managed to make a fun Pirate game almost accidentally.

I don't care about this assassin poop in Black Flag at all, all the pirate poop is a lot more fun.


Quote from: Zero on November 19, 2014, 08:08:01 PM
It is amazing that Ubisoft managed to make a fun Pirate game almost accidentally.

I don't care about this assassin poop in Black Flag at all, all the pirate poop is a lot more fun.
Well it'd have to be an accident as they aren't able to make a good game on purpose it seems.