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Fallout 4

Started by Tupin, June 03, 2015, 10:44:00 AM

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Quote from: SkyMyl
Tuppy frightens me with his knowledge of legacy technology.


"War never changes and neither do our graphics."

At least it's somewhat colourful.


i think the graphics look worse than fallout 3
i mean neither were great but this looks stupid fallout 3 just didn't look as other games

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At least they're more colorful.

Quote from: SkyMyl
Tuppy frightens me with his knowledge of legacy technology.




I still scratch my head over why Bethesda's games are so positively received, as well as hyped.

They're still using a 15+ year old game engine for intercourse 's sake. Even if its modified, they need to get a grip and realize that the engine is poop. Yet time after time again, they prove that they can and WILL get away with letting the 1st wave of consumers that buy their products essentially beta-test them. Every bethesda game I have ever played launched as a broken mess that is pretty incomparable to most other games. I have managed to have some fun with Morrowind and Oblivion, even Fallout 3 and NV at various points, but the overall experience for each of these games is pretty much poop.

I remain convinced that Bethesda also expects modders to fix their intercourse ing bullpoop. All the guild quests in Skyrim for example sucked so much ass and were so boring and short that more than 1 modder provided alternate guild quests. More than 1.

The VARS system was lauded as innovative and poop, but its boring and takes away what little challenge Fallout 3 has. The game world is supposed to be dead, but it really feels like there is not much to do in the game at the end of the day. I never played Fallout 1, but I played 2 and I never expected 3 to be like it is but probably should have because anything Bethesda touches is pretty much half-assed.

Why the intercourse  does anyone love Fallout? Is it because its one of the only post-apocolyptic "rpgs" or what?


It's the lore, mostly. Fallout 1 and 2 also are still really good.

Quote from: SkyMyl
Tuppy frightens me with his knowledge of legacy technology.


I like the Fallout games, but I don't see why people think they're the Holy Grail of Gaming.