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Super Smash Spoilers

Started by JrDude, December 07, 2018, 06:47:55 PM

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So I did an somewhat-early pick-up of the game yesterday, so I was able to play for a few hours.
I have to say, it's been quite a good time so far.
I LOVE Classic Mode now. How each character has their own version of it, instead of Everyone's the same, like 64, or every time is random, like Melee and Brawl, or how you can kind of choose your own like in WiiU, and kind of 3DS.
Especially because they have unique endings.
Giga Bowser is back as Boss you can FIGHT, Ganon is new to SSB as a Boss, and it's rad how, he's not just a "hit the boss to kill," but you have to hit his tail, just like in OoT. I'm a little sad that Donkey Kong and Samus (I only did Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, & Samus) don't have their own unique ending, they just have Master/Crazy Hand (Especially Samus, you fight Ridley in the middle, I expected some kind of Giant Meta Ridley fight or something).

In normal Smash, I personally hate how you choose a Stage first. It just seems backwards to me. I hope there's a patch to have an option. Like you choose which is chosen first. Probably just takes getting used to. I get how a stage can determine who's good for the stage, but I don't play competitively, so that's not how I choose a stage.

Spirits Mode is surprisingly fun. And I'm not even talking Adventure Mode. Just Spirits. The idea of fighting character look-a-likes is more fun than I expected. Then choosing which Sticker fits best to go against them. It's basically Event Mode, but you either beat it on the first try, or you're SOL for a while. There is no retry button for small stupid mistakes that cost the game. Then you have to win a simpleish micro game where you shoot through the circle. Hit the character, get the sticker... I mean Spirit. If I don't wait too long, I can usually hit, even when it's a small gap, but when I wait for a bit, I psyche myself out and can't hit between a huge gap.

Adventure Mode is alright so far. A quick way to unlock characters I'm sure. I haven't played much of it. It's so far, the same as regular Spirits mode, but with a map.
Dude .