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Dead Men Don't Tell Secrets *EPILOGUE*

Started by THEBIRD, December 16, 2007, 10:03:50 AM

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NOTE: New Players Always Welcome. Just jump right in. The RP is over. - Light

On the planet Vulcum, a galaxy far from the Milky Way, life has been easy for many moons. But, the uneasy alliance between the lands in Slander aree hanging by a thread. Crescent Island, the Land of Emit, Scalus, and Nimbuslus Land are close to declaring war on each other. The only people who can foresee the answer to this problem are the prophets living in the underworld. But they all reek of death, and can not speak out of what they see will happen if the corners of Slander begin to fight.

These dead men needed their secrets shared... They would need warriors, sailors, and people of all types to get to their own world. It would take everything the chosen ones had, and some might never make it back... But these people could save the lives of millions... But what if what the dead men have to say is wrong?

Tell me, can dead men lie?

Slander Map (Note: Slander is like a Country/Continent in our world)


The Places
CRESCENT ISLAND is like Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine. It is a very important harbor, with many sailors, and is the main trade port of the four lands. Many pirates and theives also live here. The pirates steal from other lands for Crescent Island, also showing off their great naval skills, while theives live in Crescent Island because of all the riches to steal. (Cruscian)

LAND OF EMIT has four different time zones within it. Each corner is a different time. They are all off from each other by about five hours. The time is in the same order as quadrants on a graph (Top left: earliest; Bottom left: latest). The people here are usually as wise as father time himself. (Emitter)

SCALUS is home of the strongest and roughest warriors and strict soldiers. They have the best blacksmiths, and their home is like the wild West. They live with a very strict schedule, with a curfew of 10:00PM and very strict rules. "It builds character," their goverment says. "No mercy!" is one of their motto's, viewing them as cold hearted people. (Scalander)

NIMBUSLUS LAND is home of the worshipper of Gods. They believe in millions of different Gods. Any God that has ever existed, they believe in. The Nimbusians are nimble and quick, usually skinny, and are the main producers of alchohol and fruit. Their land is filled with cliffs and most of the people live in houses on the side of a mountain, or pertruding out of the cave. (Nimbusian)

The People
SAILORS travel the seas. They are the only people who know how to cross the Whirl Channel without being harmed or sucked in.

SOLDIERS are strict military men. They know how to keep order and their favorite weapon is a gun.

SWORDMASTERS are great with any sword-like weapon.

NINJAS are fast and nimble, with martial arts moves.

THEIVES are quiet and stealthy. They are exquisite pickpocketers and make a living off of stealing.

PIRATES can't travel the Whirl Channel, but they have cannons on their ships and know how to get out of a sticky situation.

PRIESTS pray to the Gods. They can borrow a little bit of power from a God if they make the right sacrifice and it is a very rare situation. They are usually weak and quiet, but are very wise and speak the truth.

PROPHETS are people who see images flash before their eyes. They can see the future, and try to change it before something horrible happens. Mostly, they see the bad, but sometimes they foresee good news. Their powers are strongest at the height of war.

*= Required
Name: *
Age: *
Person: *
Land: *
Looks: *
Weapon: *
Weapon 2:
Extra Info:

1. Don't put words in other peoples mouths.
2. Don't kill off other characters without permission
3. Don't attack without permission. You can aim a shot at someone, but give the other person the opportunity to dodge the attack.
4. No invincibility
5. No Godmodding. Which is pretty close to invincibility... But, whatever.

This spot is the latest summary of the status of our heroes.
What happened after? THE EPILOGUE

The Gang

Solon (Birdie of Aces)- A theif from Crescent Island
Lanbar (Dr.Hobo2)- Pirate from Crescent Island
Zarani (Orgizirtee)- A pirate from Scalus
Kai (20fan)- Swordmaster from Scalus
Jas (ShOrTi)- Ninja from Crescent Island
Venice (Triforce_Luigi)- Theif from Crescent Island
Tanbar (Dr.Hobo2)- Sailor from Crescent Island. Lanbar's identical twin.
Trin (Triforce_Luigi)- A ninja from Nimbuslus land.
Amy (Birdie of Aces)- A theif from Crescent Island.
Mira (I_AM_A_PERSON)- From Nimbuslus Land
Hattori Hanzo (Wolfpika)- Ninja from Crescent Island
Harver (LightningSword)- Scholar/Swordmaster from the Land of Emit.
Boogie (Joeofmars)- A swordmaster from Scalus.
Shantae (Joeofmars)- A ninja from Scalus.

Expired Characters
Nimbus (Felldohs_wrath)- Swordmaster from Scalus [Decided to stay in Scalus and help his own land.]

Name: Solon
Age: 16
Person: Theif
Land: Crescent Island
Looks: Blonde spiky hair, piercing ice blue eyes. Wears all black with a black bandana over his mouth. Has a scar over his right eyebrow.
Background: Parents died when he was 4. They were killed by someone from Scalus (remembers the Scalus Military Emblem on their arm), now he has a personal grudge for all people from that place. Oneday he will steal enough money to leave Crescent Island so he can go to Scalus and unleashe hell.
Weapon: A ninja sword that he keeps sheathed on his back.
Weapon 2: A trusty grappling hook he made himself for scaling walls.

In Content:
Solon watched from a distant as Navy men, pirates and sailors alike, began boarding a ship to Scalus. This is my chance to reek hell on the one who killed my parents! Solon thought. As the ship began to set sail, Solon swiftly ran out towards the ship and grabbed out his grappling hook.

With careful aim he launched it. It hooked to the tail of the ship and Solon found himself being launched into the sea. Quickly reeling himself up, he took one look at the crowded ship and decided he would not be noticed. Stealthily, he slipped on board and hid in the cellar.


Name: Kai
Age: 17
Person: swordsmaster
Land: Scalus
Looks:Scar over right eye, he dresses all black.
Weapon:A falchion
Weapon 2:two daggers


(( Name: Jas
Age: 16
Person: Ninja
Land: Cresent Island
Personality: Independent, strong-willed, rebellious
Looks: Female... caramel complexion... dark brown shoulder length hair that's held up with a clip, with bangs that cover her right eye... dark brown eyes that seem to get darker when she's upset, or shine in the light when she's in a good mood... Usually wears a dark blue jumpsuit-like outfit, black boots that stop just below the knees, dark blue fingerless gloves, and light armors on her shoulders, shins, knees, and wrists, a mask over her nose and mouth... 
Background: As a young girl, Jas began practicing Martial Arts. From the start she had shown signs of great skill, potential, and quickly moved her way up through the ranks. After her training was complete, she stayed around for a bit, assisting in the training of the younger ones. However, when an object of hers was stolen, she vowed to get it back no matter what. Jas now finds herself at Scalus...
Weapon: Two short swords
Weapon 2: A pair of nunchucks
Extra Info: Her temper is not something one wants to mess with... ))

Jas sharply turns a corner, running into an alley with soldiers in pursuit behind her. She spots several stacks of boxes, and jumps onto the lowest one, rebounding off it and landing on the next highest stack, repeating this process until she lands on the a roof. With the sound of guns firing, Jas doesn't stop running. She leaps across the gaps between buildings, heading for the docks, a light blue jewel on a gold chain in her hand. 'Almost there, just gotta-'  but after the final leap, a loud 'BANG!' is heard, her right leg buckles, and she crashes to the ground. The jewel rolls inches away from Jas, but as she reaches for it a metal boot stomps on her wrist. The person it belongs to picks the object up and glares at Jas from over his shoulder.

"Kill her..." The figure walks away with the jewel, leaving the others chasing Jas to drag her away...
"I know they hope I fall, but tell 'em winning is my muthaeffin protocol."


Name: Venice
Age: 17
Person: Thief
Land: Crescent Island
Looks: Pale skin with black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears tan tattered clothing.
Background: Venice was orphaned at a young age and was forced into squalor. He had to steal food to survive, and gradually became more adept. He's also somewhat skilled in martial arts, once taking down a small band of warriors without the use of a weapon. He is a brilliant tactician and manipulator
Weapon 1: A kunai knife
Weapon 2: A box of poison darts


Normally, with pirates, it takes a while to get to other lands. But the sailors knew how to use the Whirl Channel to get to other places very quickly. It felt as if they were going at light sound through the whirl pools, until suddenly they slowed down. Solon knew this was his chance to sneak out. Stealithy, he creeped out of the cellar and snuck to the front of the ship. Scalus was right in front of them. The sailors and pirates were getting little boats to head into the unchartered territory and create havoc.

Solon grabbed his grappling hook and threw it out to a pole with the Scalus flag, rippling out at visitors. It hooked on the top, and Solon jumped off the ship, flying through the air. As he landed on the top of the pole, he heard a loud BANG! Looking out, he saw a girl being attacked by Scalander soldiers. He recognized her from Crescent Island. They never talked, but he couldn't forget that face...

Taking out his sword, he slid down the pole and began running towards the sounds of gunshots. He was glad it was so close to the docks, he might be able to help her... He saw her jump out towards the docks, but then a shot hit, and he saw her fall to the ground again. I'm not going to be in time...


Venice was currently in Scalus sneaking a man's wallet out of his pocket when he heard a bang. Wondering what it was, he followed the noise. Seeing a girl being dragged away, he ducked behind a nearby crate. Finally, curiousity got the best of him and he ventured out to see what was going on.


Kai heard a noise behind his blacksmithry and ran out the ally to see a girl being dragged away


The girl was being dragged away, and Solon didn't think he could fight the men in armor who had guns. He hid behind a crate, trying to decide what to do when he realized he wasn't the only one behind there.

"What the hell," whispered Solon, looking at the figure hidden behind the crate. "Hey, you're another theif from Crescent Island! What are you doing here?"


Quote from: Birdie of Aces on December 16, 2007, 03:32:44 PM
The girl was being dragged away, and Solon didn't think he could fight the men in armor who had guns. He hid behind a crate, trying to decide what to do when he realized he wasn't the only one behind there.

"What the hell," whispered Solon, looking at the figure hidden behind the crate. "Hey, you're another theif from Crescent Island! What are you doing here?"

"Thieving of course," replied Venice. "Someone just walked away with a jewel."


Jas growls at the soldiers, her arms bound behind her back. She doesn't know where they're taking her, but she doesn't want to find out. Jas waits a little while, until the soldiers think she's calm, before executing her next escape plan.

'THUNK!' She kicked her left leg back hitting the soldier that's dragging her in the face. It wasn't the stronger of her legs, but it would have to do since her right leg is out of commission. When he let go of her, Jas grabs one of the swords held on her lower back, and draws it slightly. The other two soldiers turn around and lung at her to pin her down, but she rolls out the way and on her knees, allowing the exposed blade to cut the ropes around her wrists. "Heh," Jas glances back to see more soldiers running to stop the commotion. She draws her other sword and pulls herself up, preparing to fight. "You picked the wrong chick to piss off..."
"I know they hope I fall, but tell 'em winning is my muthaeffin protocol."


Kai saw two theifs hiding behind a crate he drew his falchion, "Halt, who goes there"


Quote from: 20fan on December 16, 2007, 03:44:04 PM
Kai saw two theifs hiding behind a crate he drew his falchion, "Halt, who goes there"

"A person," replied Venice nonchalantly.


"Crap, Scalus men always ruin reunions," Solon said. He heard a commotion deeper in the alley. "You check on the girl, I'll take care of this guy."


"Oh so the theiving coward thinks he can kill me, Bwhaaaahhaah, your funny little man"


Jas twirls her swords, charges, and manages to slice two of her enemies' necks.
"I know they hope I fall, but tell 'em winning is my muthaeffin protocol."