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An Inside Job - A Pokemon Roleplay

Started by FearItself, September 24, 2007, 11:35:51 AM

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The era of Ash, Misty, Brock, May, Dawn, and the rest of 'em has long since passed, along with the originals themselves. With the passing of time and the continual beat-down of the evil orginizations by the twerps themselves, the regions began to grow seemingly peaceful, feeling as though the threats were now miniscule because those troublesome evil orginizations could be beaten down by mere children. That happened to be only a false sense of security.

Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and especially the more advanced Team Galactic all thrived in their home regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Despite being beaten down so many times, their evil productions continued, and they started to harvest Pokemon for their growing "armies" in this secrecy. But, what good would harvesting Pokemon do without harvesting trainers to train them as well?

As the four orginizations realized that each of the four of them were aiming for the same goals of regional domination and total control over the world of Pokemon, they started to join forces. Not necessarily combining, but creating alliances. Yes, even Team Magma and Team Aqua settled their land and water differences in order to be able to join to influence both.

Team Galactic began the pursuit of new trainers in none other than Professor Rowan's laboratory. They didn't interfere with Rowan's procedures of handing out Pokemon to sprouting new trainers, but they certainly had influence afterward. As Team Galactic's influence grew, they began to position hidden stations along the routes that the new trainers began traveling on. Thus, the harvesting began. Team Galactic started offering new trainers membership, and their orginization grew.
Of course, old habits die hard, and the other three grew jealous. Over time, as well, Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua set stations in Sinnoh along their own designated routes, with main headquarters in different cities. Team Galactic's headquarters was, of course, in Veilstone City; Team Magma's in Jubilife City; Team Aqua's in Canalave City, and finally Team Rocket's headquarters is in Eterna City.

Thus, the secret trainer harvest began. Which side will you join? Rocket, Magma, Aqua, or Galactic? Or will you choose your own path? As the roleplay drags on, it may be more and more difficult to walk the path alone. With the more influence the evil organizations are having over the region of Sinnoh, the human mind can't help but give in. Will you?


General Rules

-Please use punctiation, spelling, and grammar to the best of your ability. Type in complete sentences, use capitals for proper nouns and whatnot, and use quotes around speech (no asterisks ** around actions, either.).
-You know very well that you can't have more than six Pokemon in your party, even with one out of its Pokeball. You can, though, have other Pokemon in your PC, not with you. You can interchange them during the roleplay if you wish.
-Be reasonable when finding Pokemon in the wild, on routes, in forests, etc. Obviously, you wouldn't find Golem on the route south of Snowpoint, would you (Though for some reason, you can find Machoke there...).
-Pokemon from all regions are acceptable. No made-up Pokemon.
-Fight battles between trainers and battles between wild Pokemon fairly. Don't do the whole fight in one post and not even give the other person you are roleplaying against a chance to fight back. Take turns with attacks, or something similar.
-No, we will not be keeping track of levels here. That's too tedious. If you're wondering on when your Pokemon evolves after a couple battles, use your better judgement. I'm trusting you to know better.

Character Profiles

For now, everyone here is a beginning trainer, just starting from Professor Rowan's laboraty and making your way towards your first Pokemon-filled traveling route.

Here is the profile you must fill out for your character. As of now, evil Team members will be roleplayed when they're needed, but right now, our trainers are pretty much just starting on their Pokemon journey, getting used to battling, maybe fighting in a few gyms, etc.

Name: ( Your character's name. Only a first name is needed, but you can add a last name too. )

Age: ( Your character's age. )

Gender: ( Your character's gender. )

Personality: (Your character's personality. )

Appearance: ( A sprite, anime picture, or typed description of your character is acceptable. )

History: ( A brief summary of your character's past. This is optional. )

Starter Pokemon: (Yes, you're starting out as a new trainer. You can pick any unevolved or single-evolution Pokemon as your starter. Please provide a sprite from to support.)
[[ sprite here, you can delete this and put the sprite in this spot ]]
Breed Of Pokemon - (What Pokemon is it?)
Nickname - (If any)
Gender - (Male/ Female/ None)
Moveset - (Check for possible movesets for your starter Pokemon. Please be reasonable, because your Pokemon will only be at level 5 when you receive it from Professor Rowan. I know four moves seems dull and limiting, so I'll let you have eight moves max.)

Favorite Pokemon Type: (This may help you decide what Team you may eventually join)

Other: (If I left anything out, feel free to add it here)


Shaelyn (FearItself)
Boogie (Joeofmars)
John (Missingnomaster)
Chris (Masterherocard)
Dan (Kooper)

Avion (Avion-Finch)
Martin (Felldohs_wrath)
Strafer (Metaflare)
Duo (GrayFox)
Fen (Fenris_Wolf)

Lux (Triforce_Luigi)
Phoenix (Phoenixblast)
Mike (Marluxia)
Max (mariofan999)
Team Galactic Commander Venus (FearItself)
Zarof (Dr.Hobo2)
Zakary (Avion-Finch)
Aeon (gamemasterdevil)
Nik (Orgizirtee)

**Those that are italicized are considered inactive.**

**The ones that have been crossed out are temporarily unnecessary.**


Name: Shaelyn Cordelle

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Female

Personality: Shaelyn has to be the most hard-headed girl anyone would ever come across. She can be flirtatious at times, but that's rare, and it basically only means that she's in a fairly good mood, which doesn't happen a lot. She is very opinionated, and relies heavily on strategy, whether it be in a battle or an argument. When offended, she tends to lash out at her offender, or anyone close by, but never at her Pokemon, she loves them dearly, and loves her friends dearly too.

Appearance: Clickie


Breed Of Pokemon - Stantler (Her starter)
Nickname - None
Gender - Male
Moveset - Calm Mind, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave.

Breed Of Pokemon - Tentacool
Nickname - None
Gender - Female
Moveset - Acupressure, Confuse Ray, Mirror Coat, Constrict, Acid, Toxic, Bubble Beam, Water Pulse.

Breed Of Pokemon - Onix
Nickname - None
Gender - Male
Moveset - Slam, Bind, Defense Curl, Block, Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Stone Edge

Breed Of Pokemon - Gible
Nickname - None
Gender - Female
Moveset - Body Slam, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm, Sand-attack, Metal Claw, Scary Face, Dragonbreath, Outrage.

Favorite Pokemon Type: Anything that resembles a real creature. (Mostly normal-types.)


Name:Alex(Nickname: Boogie)

Age: 16(Looks younger then that though)

Gender: Male

Personality: Boogie is very hyper.He always is happy and hates being alone.He tries to hide his sadness.He treats everyone with kindness and never holds a grudge.The only time he is serious is in battle or when someone does something extremely horrible.


History: Boogie had an accident as a little kid with his brother(Now deceased)that he doesn't like to talk about.After the incedent he didn't want to ever feel bad or sad or mad(Or any other 'ad' feeling  :D)so he hides his emotions by pretending he never feels them.

Starter Pokemon:

Breed Of Pokemon:Elekid
Moveset:Ice Punch,Fire Punch,Cross Chop,Thundershock

Next Pokemon:

Breed of Pokemon:Growlithe
Moveset:Bite,Ember,Flamethrower,Fire Fang,Agility,Flare Blitz

Next Pokemon:

Breed Of Pokemon - Croagunk
Nickname - None
Gender - Male
Moveset -
Poison Sting
Faint Attack
Poison Jab
Focus Punch

Favorite Pokemon Type:Electric and Fire

Other:Boogie hates evil.


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I started this on the previous server for this forum, so right now everyone is in front of Rowan's lab waiting to get their first Pokemon.

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name: John Faron

age: 13

gender: male

personality: not the most talkative guy there is. He doesnt usually use standard strategies in battle. He has somewhat of a temper, but is usually able to control it. He is usually calm and doesn't shout out his commands in battle like some people do.

appearance: blond hair and grayish blue eyes, he wears a Gray long sleeve shirt with a gray jacket over it and blue jeans. He wears regular shoes not sandals or flip-flops and has black gloves sometimes.

starter pokemon:

breed: zigzagoon
nickname: Zig
gender: male
moveset: pin missle, theif, shadow claw, ice beam, thunderbolt.

Next pokemon:

breed: drifblim
nickname: Floon
gender: male
moveset: gust, payback, ominous wind, embargo, will-O-wisp explosion

Next pokemon:

moveset: Extrasensory, gyro ball, shadow ball, trick room, feint attack

favorite type: steel and water (although i dont like empoleon that much xD)



Quote from: FearItself on September 24, 2007, 02:43:39 PM
Ooc// Awwz. If you go back to Gaia, I'd be your friend. :3

Yes, you can roleplay, of course. ^_^

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Boogie stood outside Professor Rowans labratory.He waited for it to open anxciously.Normaly he would be jumping up and down the walls with boredom but he was silent.

Come on.Open Allready.

The door opened and Professor Rowan stood in the door.

"I will now be giving out your starter Pok-"He started but was interupted by a scream of excitement.

"Woo-hoo!"Boogie screamed and ran past Rowan."lets go lets go!"

"Well,I guess we'll start!"Said Rowan with a chuckle.He walked inside and went to Boogie."Alex is your name?"

"Yes,but you can call me Boogie!It's my nickname."He said unpatiantly.

"Yes,yes.Boogie.Of course"Rowan said,noticing Boogies impatiantness,"You wanted an Elekid,am I right?"

He handed Boogie a Pokeball.Boogie looked at it with glee.Throwing the ball in the air he called out Elekid.Boogie bent down to Elekids height.He reached out to shake the little Pokemons hand.Elekid grabed Boogies hand and without realising,he shocked him.

Boogie laughed.So did Elekid.


"Alec,"Boogie said queitly,"ALEC!That's what i'll call you!Lets go train!"

Boogie and Alec ran out of the lab and started training in a forest nearby.


fine... i'll repost.

Name: Chris Hero

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, collected, and stubborn.


Starter Pokemon:

Breed Of Pokemon - sandshrew
Nickname - none
Gender - Male
Moveset - scratch, defense curl, sand attack, dig

Favorite Pokemon Type: first gen electric, and earth types.


Shaelyn's face lit up at the sound of a familiar voice. She had seen Rowan on television a few times, and she sort of liked his rough voice, it was easily recognizable. A grin formed on her features as she turned around, completely detached from the conversation she had previously been having. Hastily, Shaelyn pushed through the crowd of eager trainers, showing herself right in front of Rowan, literally.

"I'm next!" she practically ordered, walking quickly into the lab and meeting Rowan.

"Yes, of course." Rowan said as he fetched a pokeball. He placed the spherical capsule in Shaelyn's open palm, looking to her with a sort of seriousness, but Shaelyn knew that was his way of seeming intentful. "You made a very interesting choice on a starter Pokemon, miss Shaelyn. I hope you enjoy your new Stantler."

"Oh I will, Professor. You can count on that." she said with a grin, making her way out of the lab and going outside, sitting beneath the shade of a nearby tree. After waiting for so long, and still feeling sick from the long boat ride, she just wanted to sit and rest for a while and maybe get to know some people.


"That wasn't such a bad wait." John said. He managed to avoid the majority of the line and slipped into Rowan's lab.

"So... What pokemon would you like as your starter?" Rowan asked him.

"Zigzagoon, definitely." John responded enthusiastically.

"Zigzagoon? It's such a common pokemon. Are you sure?"

"Of course. Linoone is my favorite pokemon."

Rowan nodded, understanding. He walked over to his seemingly endless supply of pokemon and came back with a pokeball.

"Here you are. This zigzagoon has quite an interesting personality." Rowan said, handing me the pokeball.

"Thank you very much." John said as he walked out of the lab.

"Now its time to let you out of your pokeball."
John tossed the pokeball up, revealing a zigzagoon that looked inquisitively at him as if asking,"So, you're my trainer?"
Then after sizing John up, zigzagoon jumped up and seized its pokeball.

"What are you doing?" John asked, surprised. Then it hit him."Oh. I see. you can use theif. I guess I'll name you Zig."
Zig happily responded.

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Name: Dan Smith

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Argues often about his own ideas, rarely ever smiles, and when he does, it's usually a smug grin. Kind around friends, but rarely makes any. Talks to his pokemon often, especially Ace (when he gets them of course). Only when around good friends or pokemon will he smile.

Appearance: Brown Eyes, Red cap, bluish green jacket, Fairly tall, black undershirt, Blue Jeans, almost always having his hands in his pockets,

Starter Pokemon:
Breed Of Pokemon - Starly
Nickname - Ace
Gender - Male
Moveset - Wing Attack, Airial Ace, Double Team, Sand-Attack, Fury Attack, Growl, Aglity, Quick Attack, Brave Bird
Favorite Pokemon Type: Water, Ice

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