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A resignation.

Started by Silverhawk79, July 29, 2009, 11:13:14 PM

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No, it is not I who is resigning. Rather, it is our long-time senior mod, Mackormoses. Mack, who started as Local Knight of our Power On RP board, has been with us for nearly 2 years, and has been a truly excellent mod and all-around awesome guy. However, he has decided that he no longer wishes to be mod, and is resigning. He will not be leaving the forums completely, however. The reason for his resignation is unclear, but I know he has his reasons. Here's to one of the best mods this forum has ever seen, Mackormoses.

Mackormoses ~ 10/13/07 - 7/30/09


Ah, dangit.

Farewell, Mack. You were a good moderator.
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Godspeed, Mack. Stay active.


...what, no. ;___;
You were an awesome moderator. At least you're staying.


Although I can't say I didn't see this coming, it is still shocking to see you go, Mack. I remember when we first met back on Oldsider... who'd have thought we'd be here now?

Goodnight, travel well, you crazy son of a gun.
Holy crap all my sigs were always poop. Best leave this space alone.


To the wise man who brought me here, you'll always be remembered as a MOD. Thankfully, this wise man will not be leaving us, not anytime soon.

The Riddler

Son, I am disappoint.

No, seriously Mack. I respect you to no end, and I've always got your back, and I do understand you have your reasons...

But I don't think this is the right thing to do. You said yourself for this forum to work out it's members have to work together, and you're not just a member, you're a leader. If a leader quits, the followers will soon.. well.. follow.

Whatever your reasons may be, I'm asking you to reconsider. If not, oh well. I still respect and love ya bro.


Well, this sucks. It's kind of like a kick in the balls to everyone here who did appreciate the hard work that Mack put into this place.

Despite how serious and corporate he could act, it was all to try and make this place not fall into a pit of vicious and venomous snakes. He tried his best. Unfortunately he failed, because most of you are moronic, annoying, and simply uncaring of this place.

All in all, I'm sad that Mack had to go, and with a reputation like his, it's like staring death into the face without him on the job.

I'm seriously disappointed in all of you. Even if the morons of this place weren't the entire reason for his resignation, it still doesn't excuse that it was still a factor. This place needs change. If we stay the same way, well, why bother coming to this place? It's going to be a ghost town. A ghost town of lost dreams.


This is unfortunate, but if it's for his own reasons, i'm okay with it.
This forum and community is starting to fall...
We need to bounce back, and soon.

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Well I can't say I knew you very well but I respected and admired you Mack you were one of the driving forces of this forum, I hope you have an awesome life. I agree with Superkool though this place need to change because right now... well it's poopty. So guy let's take this leave as a sign to change.


WHAT? :( :( :( :(


Oh well, Mack, I hope you have a good life outside of NSFCD. I have nothing else to say. :(
          ~Mack Fanboy

Edit: Oh, you're just decreasing activity. Still sad, though.


Oh this is ridiculous, though you (Mack) never do anything without sufficent merit. Talk to you on GTalk  D=
When you're not lookin'...


You did a great job mack.

nice to hear you're not leaving the forum

Dog Food

And that makes two.

This place seems to be losing quite a lot of staff, isn't it? And just because Mack is stepping down from his position, it doesn't mean he still can't lead. Just as a member he can draw people in with his charisma. Besides, two years is a long time, and everyone deserves a rest.

This case is slightly different than VaatixGanon's, who left completely. Mack is still going to be around, still helping, still posting, still contributing. He's just not going to have his nice staff color and title. Good job being a Mod, Mack, from what I hear you were very good, and I hope you continue being a loyal and witty contributer to this site.
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I remember him being fun in some old chat threads.
Tis a shame.

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