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Started by Macawmoses, April 12, 2010, 10:48:41 PM

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Salutations Comrades.

In an effort to bridge the gap between the staff and the userbase, we're going to keep doing more and more feedback projects, and keep you up to date on just what is going on in this eclectic world we call NSFCD. The beginning of this is rather...uh...not great. Beyond that, it gets a little happier as we extend our congratulations to a few users. The part dealing with drama will be spoilered. It's not really worth the space, but it needs to be said.

[spoiler]Let's kick it off with talk of the hot topic then: Doodle. As a head's up, he has really been banned for 68 weeks right now. No word of a lie. We decided on 3 weeks per alt (+1 per IRC). Every additional alt beyond the ban - be it from him or a friend, will add to the total. I know this seems harsh, but after calling one of our members a horse toothed n_gger with one of the last alts, we've decided that now should be quality over quantity. To those that left - be it Talim, Sync, Kilroy, we're not banning you. Instead, it just proves that you are having difficulty leaving your friends behind. And rightfully so - the very site that has been a refuge for you is getting left in the dust. Nice friends eh?

These users think it is acceptable to call people n_ggers with detail. They think raiding the site is beneficial to it. Frankly, I implore you all to reconsider your stance right now. These users leaving, while saddening, is just another obstacle we will overcome. And frankly, the cannibalism that has been as of late will likely end as a result.

One last point about this - should there be retaliation for this, be it targeting staff, making alts,'ll just be added to Doodle's ban. NSFCD isn't a serious site, but we want to protect our users who don't deserve poop like that. [/spoiler]

On that note, I'd like to point out I didn't mention Custom. He's left for his own reasons, unrelated to Doodle. If you see him, don't be a ninny like people have been. Custom's a cool kid, and we will very much so miss him.

Moving on, another thing we'll be missing is the Serious Discussion board. It is effectively being retired as of'll be off to Mt. Pyre for its proper burial. Replacing it on the board index for a time will be Power Down (to try and further promote it). Semi-serious threads will be accepted in Power On now (or whatever applicable board). It was decided that its current state just wasn't what we were looking for in a Serious Board. A few select threads will be moved out here (and bumped) for further discussion. Otherwise, you may make new discussions for some of these topics.

A more personal note is that the Chat Thread will be restricting the posting of Youtube (and other) videos for convenience sake. If you'd like to leave a link, be our guest. But for the most part, it shouldn't be the discussion of YT Vids. There's an app thread for that. You can post vids in their unadulterated form in there, discuss them like you would in the chat thread, etc. It's really more of an organizational (and load time) request - we won't be punishing people, but we'll be splitting and merging posts.

While we're discussing posting and issues, we may as well remind you of the "Report to Moderator" function. If you see something offensive, degrading, whatever - don't whine about it all over the place. It makes you a blatant target, and frankly, whiny. Instead, click that button, fill in the details, sit back, and relax. If something happens in #nsider, message a staff member you trust who can handle it. I should note, however, that abusing this system is going to cause issues. Just back up what you're saying, and you'll be fine. Mods will use their discretion as to the way to handle the situation.

The TF2 server has come to the end of its life cycle. Due to the high costs and low turnout, we will be shutting it down for the next billing period. We'll be trying to contact some other sites about getting nights going on to continue our TF2 obsession. Currently, the future of the board is in limbo. If you'd like to see it live on, let us know by making threads and continuing to post. It will be up for evaluation upon the cancellation of the server should we not acquire means to keep our nights going.

Furthermore, we'll be going through and purging special ranks in the admin control panel. You likely won't notice this at all, but it's a good thing to let you be in the know about. Anything not in use/earmarked will be removed tomorrow. If you would like to host an event and have a rank as a prize, be sure to drop us a line.

An even more personal note is that the staff voted to officially recognize me as an administrator last night. This won't affect the current state of affairs at all - it merely formalizes my position. Nonetheless, I'll likely continue to flit through whatever rank I see fit to do so. My focus will continue to be on minor site updates. I'll also be adding a unique role of building relations with other sites.

To accommodate my needs, we are further expanding our to speak. Not really. It's a hybrid staff/special rank, sort of like SIT. We don't have an actual name for it yet, so we'll call it Squirtle Squad for the time. Skymyl and Boredfanboy will be helping us as off site representatives to mutually build relationships with other communities. As Ambassadors, they'll be privy to a few points of interest...but in reality, their goal is to find common ground between sites, get a flow of users going, be welcoming, informative, and propose ideas to foster growth. While we're squeezing work out of BFB and MYL, we'd like to point out that this is also a way to thank them for their commitment to the site. Both have unique personalities. Our Ambassador program is currently in the pilot phase - we are the only site to commit to it at this point, and it is a test for us. We have high hopes with these two stellar users at the helm of it, though.

Finally, Dawei will be returning to the moderator rank simply because SS is being used now. He's been slowly returning to perhaps this will be enticement for him to post. Be sure to bow before him though. In case you didn't know - this makes us the largest staff ever.  So we're firing Silver for breaking the forum last night. (On that note, the forum will be offline in the near future for an upgrade).

Hopefully these changes are none to drastic. We'd again like to thank you for your continued support through these tumultuous times. Please warmly welcome Dawei, BFB, and MYL, too! Gratz all.

-The Staff