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The speed of light may no longer be ultimate

Started by Zero, November 28, 2011, 05:18:34 PM

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So hey that constant your buddy Einstein told you about? Yeah. Nope. Possibly anyway.

So what do you think? Think its a fluke that just so happened to fluke out twice? Or do you think multiple experiments will garner the same results?



It's definitely interesting, but I think they'll need to prove it definitely with multiple attempts before I believe it.


I've actually made an article about this a long time ago. They still need to prove it, but seeing how Fermilab and the japanese institute that could possibly reproduce the result are both closed down, that is going to take a while.

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I wonder what would happen if they proved it right.


Quote from: Chris93 on January 06, 2012, 06:23:15 PM
I wonder what would happen if they proved it right.
Everything would have to be reevaluated and rewritten.


Well apparently things are gonna be a bit wacky anyways in the future because i just heard from my roommate who's from Thailand that they are in the making of creating Wireless power. Electro magnetic fields of some sort that will empower a magnetic generator in electronics. I doubt itll work.


Why is that? Do you have any basis for your doubts?

Anyway, so yeah guys. Everything will have to be reworked and changed to take this into account. Dr. Kaku has his doubts about this whole ordeal, and has reasoning behind his doubts.


think of this, anything over 1 amper, can kill a person, and take that with something that could alter the current, then you have a problem.