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The Nuzlocke Challenge

Started by Neerb, April 23, 2012, 05:52:20 PM

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Okay. I have decided to do a Nuzlocke challenge on Fire Red. I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it so we'll see what happens.

Flying Chickens

If nothing else, doing a Nuzlocke challenge made me appreciate how much I enjoy the normal Pokemon game.


So guys, I've been keeping a log of my Nuzlocke experience. Would anyone like me to post it in a new thread?


Quote from: zephilicious on April 27, 2012, 04:56:52 AM
False again. Gender is not stored, but calculated based on a combination of personality value and the species gender rates.

the personality value does not change upon evolution, but the gender rate does, therefore there is a potential gender change.
You said something accurate. I'm surprised. But yeah, Junior, that's how it works.

Quote from: Mona on April 28, 2012, 02:31:32 PM
So guys, I've been keeping a log of my Nuzlocke experience. Would anyone like me to post it in a new thread?
Hmmm, how would Neerb feel about sharing his thread? Or does he want to make it about his challenge only? Gotta figure that out before I do anything Nuzlocke-related.
I really hate how I've made more than 12,000 posts here. Thankfully this swaying, moving Chandelure makes it all worth it.


The thread's title seems pretty general to me. GO.


Well, I suppose I'll post it now and if Neerb has any objections I can always just move it into a new thread, right?

  • Named rival Zero. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I have to go through the entire game with him taunting me.
  • Chose a Charmander. I know it's going to make the first two Gyms hell, but whatever. Named him Rhys.
  • Zero: "My Pokemon looks tougher than yours." You dick... Well, your Pokemon doesn't even have a cool nickname like mine!
  • Kicked Zero's ass. Only lost 3 HP. :3
  • Awwww yis. I'm rollin' in the free potions now. Got one out of my home PC and another from the Poke Mart employee on Route 1.
  • Oh snap! I forgot that Charmander learns Metal Claw in this game. Awesooome! That'll come in handy against rock types (and the first Gym hehehehe).
  • After torching a lot of birds and rodents with Rhys at level 13, I finally got my first Pokeballs.
  • Zero: "I hate to say this, Mona, but I don't need you! I'll borrow a town map from my sis and I'll tell her not to lend you one. Don't bother coming over to my place after this! -Runs off-"  ;^; S-so cruel...
  • Woo! Just found me another free potion in Viridian.
  • God darnnit, Rhys. Stop one-shotting everything so I can catch you a friend! Fine, we didn't want that dumb Rattata anyway.
  • Old Man: "You don't know how to catch Pokemon?" Uh, actually I do it's just that Rhys keeps one-sh-  "I'll show you how to catch one, then!" Oh God this old man can't hear...
  • Rhys and I ended up catching a level 5 Rattata. Named her Nerys. -grumble grumble- I wanted a Pidgey...
  • Caught a level 5 Metapod. Named him Pasco. Greeaaat, something with only Harden as a move.

Anyways, I left off shortly after that after grinding a  little bit. I'll update when I get around to playing more (which will probably be soon).

Current Pokemon:
Charmander (Rhys) lvl 14
Nerys  (Rattata) lvl 12
Pasco (Metapod) lvl 6


Feel free to post your journeys on this thread, although it may get a bit hard to find chapters if enough people do it. Oh well; more activity the better.

Day 4: For Your Ecruteak Only
•   Whitney is... surprising. She carries not one, but TWO Super Potions. Even the Elite Four only carry one healing item at a time; how the heck does she get off doing this? Additionally, Miltank is a stomping machine. Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, "Ellie flinched!", Stomp. I swear, in all my years of training, I have never seen an NPC spam a move like this. Ultimately, Miltank falls, but not before she gets a cheap critical hit on Uri. Goodbye, my potentially super-powered Psychic with an always-convenient Teleport.
•   On my way to the next town, I decide to fight that tree that even I, having never played Johto, knew was a Sudowoodo. Except that it's an all-powerful goddess of petrified wood, and I am not at all prepared for it. It takes a Poké Ball, two Great Balls, and an Ultra Ball to catch the thing, and in the process it beats my tiny team to a pulp and actually kills McGinnis in the process. Poor McGinnis; he was my favorite team member.
•   As I finally reach Ecruteak, I recap: I've had six deaths on this journey, and FIVE of them have been in or around Goldenrod. Uri and McGinnis were a trade and a level up away from evolving; had I jumped at it when I had the chance, perhaps they would have been strong enough to still be alive. I've yet to have a full party so far.
•   Looking around, I realize there are three immediate chances to get new recruits: Burnt Tower, Mt. Mortar, and a route. I may have a full party after all.
•   Johto hates me. I briefly visit all three areas, and I find two Rattatas and a Raticate. Am I just not meant to have a decent team? Does HeartGold actively not want me to succeed? I name the first Rattata "Ms Mowz," name the Raticate "Brain," and just kill the third rat when I run into it. Ms Mowz joins my party while Brain goes in the PC. Strangely, my entire team is now female.
•   I go through the entirety of Burnt Tower, which I always imagined as being much bigger. Katreena, the Sudowoodo, gives me a bit of relief by showing that she can fight for me just as well as she fought against me; Mr Kill gets the crap beat out of him by my non-plant deity.
•   Time for more grinding before I try fighting Morty.

•   Ellie – Lv. 23 female Bayleef
•   Wendy – Lv. 22 female Pidgeotto
•   Katreena – Lv. 22 female Sudowoodo
•   Ms Mowz – Lv. 16 female Rattata

•   Brain – Lv. 17 male Raticate

•   McGinnis – Lv. 22 male Golbat
•   Uri – Lv. 22 male Kadabra


Day 5: You Only Live Twice if You're Ghost Type
•   I decide I don't really want to fight Morty before I have a bigger team, so I head forward a ways along the route. Ms Mowz becomes Raticate along the way.
•   There's a farm on this route. Miltank needs Oran Berries to get better? Too bad; I only have super potions and Nuzlocke-useless revives.
•   I end up in Olivine, where Mr Kill appears. I freak out because my team has some injuries, but he has mercy and just runs away.
•   Apparently the gym leader isn't available yet. My badge list says the one after Morty is a guy, but Olivine's leader is a "she," so I guess there's not much of anything to do here yet.
•   Some guy gives me a Good Rod. I never even got the Old one. Not the first time this has happened to me in a game, I guess.
•   I try to fish on the beach, but some guy stops me and tells me I need Surf first, and that some old guy will give it to me in Ecruteak. I already got Strength right next to Ecruteak; HMs all around, I guess.
•   I head back, and my first wild encounter on the route before Olivine is... Magnemite! Finally, some diversity! I catch it and name it "Lehnsherr."
•   Lehnsherr beats the crap out of some wilds as I head back to Ecruteak. When I get there, I decide to investigate a building I haven't before. It's a geisha stage, and some Rocket is harassing one about how she's supposed to do what the customer wants. Innuendo? I gotta be honest, I'm not sure what all being a "geisha" involves, but I can't help feel she's basically a fancy Japanese show girl, and Rocket's words arent' helping.
•   The geisha's "master" or "pimp" or whatever (I really don't know what a geisha is supposed to do) gives me Surf. I can't use it yet, but maybe just having it is enough.
•   I'm right; the surfer dude lets me through to the beach, and I catch a Magikarp I name "Orm." It's level 20, so it unfortunately misses out on Bite, but I get it evolve it asap anyway and make it my Surfer.
•   I have a full team for the first time in the game. Time to fight Morty.
•   Ms Mowz uses Sucker Punch, Bite, and Crunch (which replaces Bite mid-battle), along with it's immunity to NightShade and a Focus Energy to dodge enemy Sucker Punches, to completely wipe out Morty's team. My reward is Shadow Ball and the ability to Surf. Too bad I don't have anything that Shadow Ball can/should be taught.
•   I head back through Olivine and begin my surfing journey; Lehnsherr gets a tooon of experience along the way. Since he's my only unevolved Pokémon and he takes til 30 to evolve, I decide to go ahead and train him until he grows up since water enemies are so easy. I catch a Tentacool and beat some trainers silly before reaching Cianwood.
•   I walk around for a bit; there's a Fighting gym (so much for Lehnsherr just yet), an unfinished Safari Zone, a girl who promises me Fly if I beat the gym, and... Suiccune. Suiccune is not an encounter, though; I walk to it, it flees in a cutscene, and then that magician-looking guy shows up... to fight?!
•   Dude has an Electrode, aka lightning-fast Pokémon that likes to Self-Destruct. Scares the crap out of me at first, but he doesn't destruct; Lehnsherr Thunder Waves him, then Ellie slowly fights him while he spams Thunder. I win; gotta be more prepared next time.
•   I meet a collector of rare Pokémon who gives me my Pokémon for this city: Shuckle. Not a fan of Shuckle, I have a full party, and I can't even name it because it's a gift, so Shuckle just goes in the PC.

•   Ellie – Lv. 25 female Bayleef
•   Wendy – Lv. 23 female Pidgeotto
•   Katreena – Lv. 23 female Sudowoodo
•   Ms Mowz – Lv. 24 female Raticate
•   Lehnsherr – Lv. 26 "male" Magnemite
•   Orm – Lv. 22 male Gyarados

•   Brain – Lv. 17 male Raticate
•   Ujelly – Lv. 17 female Tentacool
•   Shuckle – Lv. 20 male Shuckle

•   empty


Wells, here's an update from me...

  • Finally evolved Pasco into a Butterfree. Now he can fight for himself. :>
  • Pretty much breezed through Viridian Forest. Barely batted an eyelash at the trainers. I kept running into Pikachu which is frustrating because my first instinct is to catch one. :/
  • I was pretty nervous going into the first gym, but I managed to pull through without any casualties. Rhys evolved into a Charmeleon after defeating Brock's Onix.
  • Was given a pair of running shoes, which I had been looking forward to. I kept pushing the B button and nothing would happen and then I'd remember that I don't get the running shoes until after beating Brock.
  • Finallyyyyyy caught a Pidgey. Named him Nicca. I caught him at level 6 in the grass right before Mt. Moon.
  • Entered Mt. Moon and caught a female Geodude at level 7. I decided to give such a beautiful lady a beautiful name so I named her Maeve.
  • Nicca evolved into a Pidgeotto while in Mt. Moon.
  • Found two moon stones. Too bad I don't have any Pokemon I could use them on yet. Also got a Helix fossil. Doo doo doo doooo!
  • Cleared Mt. Moon without any casualties! Hooraaay!
  • A guy right outside of Mt. Moon taught Maeve Mega-Punch. Now she's really ready to kick some ass!
  • First Pokemon I encounter on Route 4 is a level 12 Spearow. Not sure if want... Oh well, it's mine now. Named him Gordan. With him, I now have a full party. I might switch him out soon for something else.
  • Let's see... should I go for the Gym or my rival first? Hmmm... Let's go kick Zero's ass.
  • After defeating him once again, my rival, still as cocky as ever, calls me a chatty gossip (a completely unfounded accusation) and gives me a Fame Checker, which is pretty much useless to me.
  • Anyway, he brought Nicca down to half HP so it's time to go grind some more...

Charmander (Rhys) lvl 19
Rattata (Nerys) lvl 17
Butterfree (Pasco) lvl 18
Pidgeotto (Nicca) lvl 19
Geodude (Maeve) lvl 19
Spearow (Gordan) lvl 12


I'd love to do one, but I don't currently have a suitable posting device yet. I'll prolly start one and post it later. I'll do Emerald.

The Riddler

where the intercourse  are your riddler pokemon


-Decided to go TOTALLY original and name my character J.

-Why am I riding in a moving truck anyways?

-Dangit Mom I'll never be in my room; why do I have to set my clock?

-Looks like someone left a Potion in the computer. YOINK!

-Dad's on TV....but we missed him. :(

-Neighbor meeting...with an orange gamecube. And me getting caught in a girl's room sneaking around. Not the best first impression.

-May: "I have to go help my Dad catch Pokemon, but I think I'll just go on the computer."

-Saved Professor Birch from a Zigzagoon. Hooray.

-Torchic is a girl.....Jacqueline it is.

-After another Potion in Oldale Town, it's time to grind.

-After getting to Lv9, Jacqueline scratches  May's Mudkip into a faint.


Jacqueline (Torchic) Lv10


-After catching back to back Wurmples in the first two routes (named Brody and Izzy, respectively), I caught a Marill in the route west of Petalburg. I named him Riddler.

-I plowed through the Petalburg Woods, catching a Poochyena I named Dimitri. I don't know if he has any real skill though.

-Grinded a bit above Rustboro and caught a Nincada I named Xavier. Should be decent once he evolves into Shedinja.

-Jacqueline evolved into a Combusken and learned both Double Kick and Peck. She promptly demolished Roxanne's Nosepass.

My Party:

Jacqueline (Combusken) Lv18
Riddler (Marill) Lv11
Brody (Wumple) Lv2
Izzy (Wurmple) Lv3
Dimitri (Poochyena) Lv6
Xavier (Nincada) Lv6

Also, I will write longer updates once my laptop is fixed. It's pretty darn hard typing a huge summary on a phone.


Finally back! I'm a bit backlogged, though; I'm technically done with Day 8, so here's 6, but expect 7 and 8 to be posted soon.

Day 6: Quantum of Safari
•   While grinding for what feels like a very long time, Lehnsherr becomes Magneton; I'm a bit excited, I guess because I've never bothered to train one before.
•   Wendy's not offering a whole lot right now, but she may prove useful against the Fighting gym here on Cianwood, so I super over-train her into a Pidgeot and give her the Pluck TM.
•   Wendy should now easily be able to take on the Fighting gym... yet, I feel a bit sorry for Ellie, who has gotten to do squat for a while now. I let Ellie start off the fight against the gym leader, and low and behold, she destroys him. Turns out spamming Double Team and Focus Punch doesn't get you anywhere when your enemy (Ellie) knows Magic Leaf.
•   Wendy gets to learn Fly, and I finally return to Olivine to explore that lighthouse; it's filled with trainers, but my team can handle it.
•   I find Jasmine, Olivine's leader, nursing an Ampharos and asking me to go to... Cianwood. I have the strangest feeling that I was kinda supposed to talk to her BEFORE Cianwood.
•   After healing Ampharos, it's battle time with Jasmine, and... she kills Lehnsherr. After I spent so long training him, Lehnsherr got trapped (stupid Magnet Pull ability or whatever) with a Magnemite his same level, which just happened to be luckier on the SuperSonic and was wielding a ThunderBolt. I caught Lehnsherr right before Olivine and didn't use him against the gym on Cianwood; he died a few yards from his birthplace without beating a single gym Pokémon. This humiliation will not stand; Orm unleashes his full fury, and Jasmine's precious Magnemites and Steelix go down before they can even touch him.
•   Having received a call for the Safari Zone, I head to Cianwood AGAIN to explore a new route.
•   There are some tough trainers on this route... Ms Mowz and Kayo, a Krabby I had JUST captured on that route, fall to an Electabuzz (my team was weak; SOMEONE had to die, and Kayo just happened to be the most expendable). RIP Ms Mowz; you served me well.
•   I finally make it into the Safari Zone. Finally, some potentially rare and awesome Pokémon! And just in time, because I'm down two members and don't want to use my box Pokémon. I pay the fee, step inside, walk into the grass, and... RATTATA. What the heck is Rattata doing in here?! What kind of "safari" is this? I don't even try catching it.
•   Disappointed, I think it's been a terrible day; two and a half losses total. However, I had purposely avoided the grass on the route right in front of the Safari Zone, and now that I decide to walk into it, I find a Tauros. I've never trained a Tauros, but I've heard that they were all that and a bag of Poffins back in the day, so I catch it and name it Moosssolini. He quickly proves to be a powerhouse.
•   I fly, walk, and surf to the new town, Mahogany; along the way, I catch a male Goldeen and name it Nemo. More for the box.
•   The townsfolk are apparently having some trouble with the Lake of Rage, so I head north, and on the route leading to it I find and catch a female Flaafy, and Ampharos' family is my favorite Electric line of Pokémon! I've lost valuable Normal and Electric Pokémon and a useless Water Pokémon, but now they've been replace with a way better Normal, a more favorited Electric, and an equally useless Water. Things are looking up.

•   Ellie – Lv. 32 female Meganium
•   Wendy – Lv. 36 female Pidgeot
•   Katreena – Lv. 24 female Sudowoodo
•   Orm – Lv. 31 male Gyarados
•   Moossolini – Lv. 20 male Tauros
•   Rachael – Lv. 17 female Flaafy

•   Brain – Lv. 17 male Raticate
•   Ujelly – Lv. 17 female Tentacool
•   Shuckie – Lv. 20 male Shuckle
•   Nemo – Lv. 16 male Goldeen

•   Lehnsherr – Lv. 30 "male" Magneton
•   Ms Mowz – Lv. 25 female Raticate
•   Kayo – Lv. 17 male Krabby


Day 7: On Lance's Secret Service
•   Someone tells me there's a guy with red hair who talked down about his Pokémon. Rival battle ahead? Better train my new recruits first.
•   Take Rachael back to Cianwood to train; it reminds me of Lehnsherr.
•   Upon Rachael's evolution to Ampharos, it occurs to me that this is the first time so far that I have a fully evolved team.
•   Return to the Lake of Rage and capture the Red Gyarados, a female I deem Mera. Ironically, the raging beast is "Calm" nature; I suppose my capture brought it peace? I consider replacing Orm, but while both of their natures suck, Orm isn't quite as bad.
•   I find that the red-head is none other than Lance, the Elite 4 member himself. He tells me he's hunting Rockets, and I join up with him to break into their underground base after watching him command his Dragonite to Hyper Beam a human being right into a wall. Holy crap, Lance, we don't fight to kill here.
•   While I'm in HQ, a trap makes a Geodude appear; I capture it and name it Golette (as a female Golem, not a reference to the 5th gen Ground/Ghost). I reminisce about Eartha for a bit, and realize that Golette may come in handy if Katreena fails.
•   Lance and I get to do a double battle, where he reveals that his Dragonite is a useless piece of crap. The thing gets paralyzed right off the bat and then just spams Fly the whole match while Moossolini and Katreena do all the work.
•   The Rockets fall fast and hard, but then Lance announces that we have to fight... Electrodes? Three in a row; I get a bit on-edge, but none of them SD or Explode, so all's well that ends well.

•   Ellie – Lv. 32 female Meganium
•   Wendy – Lv. 36 female Pidgeot
•   Katreena – Lv. 29 female Sudowoodo
•   Orm – Lv. 32 male Gyarados
•   Moossolini – Lv. 30 male Tauros
•   Rachael – Lv. 31 female Ampharos

•   Brain – Lv. 17 male Raticate
•   Ujelly – Lv. 17 female Tentacool
•   Shuckie – Lv. 20 male Shuckle
•   Nemo – Lv. 16 male Goldeen
•   Mera – Lv. 30 female Gyarados
•   Golette – Lv. 21 female Geodude

•   Empty