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The Nuzlocke Challenge

Started by Neerb, April 23, 2012, 05:52:20 PM

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Day 8: GoldenRod
•   With the Rockets' plan foiled, I take on the gym leader of Mahogany, who never stands a chance against Moossolini and Rachael's combined power. The two of them are proving to be among my most useful captures yet.
•   I'm... stuck? The RageCandyBar Salesman won't let me through to the next route, so I try to find my way around, and end up flying all over Johto to do whoknowswhat. I find the route next to my home town that takes me to a man who tells me I'm in Kanto... I feel somewhat lonely.
•   I decide to check out the Whirl Islands now that I can Whirlpool... I find a whole lotta nothing and catch a Seel while I'm there.
•   I thinking maybe I can check out Kanto another way after having tried surfing there, I remember the monorail in Goldenrod. I return to find... Rockets. They've taken over the whole town, and their plan has become clear: they wish to broadcast their rage-inducing signals to every Pokémon in Johto, which is probably the coolest and most evil plan I've ever seen a villain team do in any game in the series. Time to extinguish the fuse.
•   The Rockets tell me I can't go up unless I'm in uniform, and I remember the photo booth underground where they have a fake Rocket outfit. I run down, some idiot hands it to me, and I start to sneak my way to the radio station, when Mr Kill returns at last just to stupidly expose my identity.
•   Everyone on my team gets a turn beating up Rockets left and right. I finally feel like my party is a real team, swapping out members when necessary to take advantage of the scenario. Beating the bad guys hasn't felt this fun in a while.
•   The Rockets have ANOTHER base? I head to the deepest depths of this miserable city, this city that nothing but my starter made it past my first time through, to find that it is rotted to its very core, with Rockets everywhere.
•   Mr Kill! At last, after appearing without a challenge for so long, he returns for a real fight. I'm prepared, though; his Pokémon are tough, but not tough enough, and they all fall; Orm and Moossolini in particular give him a great deal of pain.
•   I find the radio chairman at the bottom of the base, and he gives me the key. Time to return to the tower and finally free Goldenrod from these Rockets.
•   I beat each of the Rocket Executives, surprising them each time (even though they each already lost to me before), before taking on the big exec, Archer. I'm surprised to see he doesn't have the usual Poison garbage, but a Houndoor and Houndoom. The battle is tense and fun... but only because I allow it to be. I stand, he falls, and reveals that apparently it's "tradition" for the Rockets to disband their entire organization every time their leader loses a fight. Not too efficient, these guys.
•   Time to head forward, TO ADVENTURE. After some ice-themed puzzles, I end up in Blackthorn, a Dragon town. Crap; the only thing I have that can hurt a Dragon well is Orm's Ice Fang. Simply fighting a couple Dratini in the gym tells me that this last Johto leader is going to be tough.
•   The Move Deleter lives here?! Heck yeah! Say goodbye to Cut, Rock Smash, and Whirlpool. Also, Ellie is deemed worthy of the ultimate of ultimate Grass moves... hopefully I can justify using it soon, because that recharging turn could be deadly in Nuzlocke.

•   Ellie – Lv. 36 female Meganium
•   Wendy – Lv. 36 female Pidgeot
•   Katreena – Lv. 35 female Sudowoodo
•   Orm – Lv. 35 male Gyarados
•   Moossolini – Lv. 35 male Tauros
•   Rachael – Lv. 35 female Ampharos

•   Brain – Lv. 17 male Raticate
•   Ujelly – Lv. 17 female Tentacool
•   Shuckie – Lv. 20 male Shuckle
•   Nemo – Lv. 16 male Goldeen
•   Mera – Lv. 30 female Gyarados
•   Golette – Lv. 21 female Geodude
•   SEEL – Lv. 24 female Seel

•   Empty