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Black 2 Continuation

Started by Flying Chickens, February 27, 2013, 07:22:00 PM

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Flying Chickens

So I haven't played Black 2 in months because of course load and such. Is it worth it to continue on? I think I made it to the fourth or fifth gym before realizing I was too busy to pump time into a Pokemon game. Opinions?


I just beat it the other night and its the most fun i've had with a Pokemon game in a while. Honestly, I just like the variety of Pokemon you have to choose from leading up to the end. By the end of the main game, I had 6 main Pokemon, two Pokemon in my Party box on "standby" and a Golduck as an HM slave.

I was severely under-leveled to challenge myself too. Good stuff.


against my better judgement i gave in and bought it when it was on sale recently.

the main game was as boring as i expected it to be. I tried to mix it up and use pokemon I don't usually use but that just made me hate my team. post game added nothing i hadn't already done in white.

but whatever it was only $15 and successfully killed 20 hours of my time. not a complete waste.
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The plot, I felt, was a little more anti-climactic than I thought it would be. I wouldn't call it completely lacking, it just didn't really astound me. Yet despite that, the game still managed to be ridiculously fun. So yeah, definitely worth playing.
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