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Bored of your life.

Started by Super, March 22, 2013, 11:13:42 PM

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Day in, day out, the same old thing. Seeing the same people every day. Having no real goal in your life but to merely continue working to maintain an average household.

Motivation, for me, isn't an easy thing to come by. It's really depressing that I feel like I have the potential to achieve a great many things, yet I simply don't have it in me to want to invest more time into anything else. Such an awful feeling.

Does anyone else feel like you're stuck in your ways?


yeah but i don't like change but i hate msylef what do i do

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Flying Chickens

If you're bored then you're not trying hard enough. Really bored to the point of depression? Go see a shrink. We live in an era where mental health is taken seriously and you can get the help you need. Jerk off a poop ton? Stop. Go to the website and do some research. You're probably intercourse ing yourself over by watching girls get intercourse ed by dogs.


You're a teenager, young adult, or adult in a modern age. If you have potential use it. You can do plenty of things but being sad about it is the easy way out. I did this and then I realized that I was accomplishing literally intercourse  nothing. Movies have us convinced that we need to have epiphanies. Fuck epiphanies, you just need to go do something cool and then do more things that are cool until you're happy with your life.

It's all about you, and being stuck in your ways is just a waste of a body and a lifetime.