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Super Smash Bros.

Started by The Riddler, June 11, 2013, 05:41:56 AM

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The Riddler

Finally announced for the Wii U and 3DS, Super Smash Bros. (actual title) will be here in 2014.

I'm gonna pick apart the reveal and see what's confirmed in it, but just like Brawl, they have a website up.

Differences between each version:
Graphics. 3DS version has a sort of cel-shaded look.
Exclusive Stages. "Stages in the 3DS version will be based on handheld games, while stages in the Wii U version will be based on console games."

Villager - Animal Crossing [spoiler][/spoiler]- Uses Bug Net, Slingshot, Shovel, Axe, Sapling, Umbrella, Bowling Balls, Fireworks Launcher, Balloon Fighter's Balloons, and Boxing Gloves, and pulls weeds. Can pick up items and pocket them, including some projectiles like Mario's Fireball and Samus' Missle/Charge Shot, then use them later.

Megaman - not X! [spoiler][/spoiler] - Uses Mega Blaster, his dog Rush, Shoyruken, Metal Blades, Crash Bomber, Leaf Shield, Hard Knuckle, Flame Sword, Slash Claw, Spark Shock, Super Arm, and Flame Blast.

Wii Fit Trainer - Wii - Uses moves based on training positions from Wii Fit. Sakurai trolls us all. Although the reveal video is humorous.

Returning vets:
Donkey Kong[spoiler][/spoiler]
Samus[spoiler][/spoiler] - Direct-able final smash?, design based on Other M
Pit -[spoiler][/spoiler] Design based on Uprising, new moves include Guardian Orbitars, Upper-Dash Arm
Bowser[spoiler][/spoiler] - stands more upright, can run, is faster, has some new moves

Gerudo Valley Bridge
Spirit Tracks Train
Nintendogs Living Room
(floating platform/moving background stage)
Super Smash Bros. Boxing Arena
Animal Crossing stage
Dr. Wily's Castle
Wii Fit Training Room
Arena Ferox (Fire Emblem)

(What appears to be some kind of ancient coliseum)
(What appears to be an ocean based on Super Mario w/ destructible platforms)
Some forest stage with a rotating platform.
Some sky ruins stage


I'm excited about the new characters! Zero nearly cried when he saw Megaman. I don't know why they wouldn't use the New Leaf Villager, though...

Also Pikachu lost weight again.

The Riddler

updated with stages. they showed three zelda stages


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I am happy.
Not because of Mega Man Necessarily, though he is awesome (I personally would have prefered Mega Man X, but I was sure if any Mega Man was gonna make it, it would be Classic), but because all of this so far, looks phenomenal.

Also, it APPEARS Villager might be WiiU Exclusive.
or maybe there's a completely new look for 3DS version of Villager.
Dude .

The Riddler

Don't assume anything is exclusive until they say it. The games are supposed to be cross compatible. They list everything together at the website as a whole.


I'm just talking about the pictures are ONLY WiiU
Though, they may just be oddly lazy there, as some people have LOTS of 3DS pics, while others have like, 2.
Dude .

The Riddler



also it looks like they changed up Donkey Kong's up B a bit. Good.


Wii Fit Trainer is a character.



Wii Fit Trainer will be horribly broken becaise they want people to use her.

Calling it.

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It's freaking hilarious. I love how she talks so calmly; amazing new character.

Also, I almost cried and screamed during that entire trailer. Mario, Kart, DK, Bayonetta, and X looked amazing too. Best E3 ever.

The Riddler

updated with wii fit trainer... holy intercourse ing trolling sakurai


animal crossing dude and wii fit girl are pretty funny
the graphics look nice as intercourse  on wii u
not looking so hot on 3ds

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The Riddler

Quote from: Custom on June 11, 2013, 10:12:48 AM
animal crossing dude and wii fit girl are pretty funny
the graphics look nice as intercourse  on wii u
not looking so hot on 3ds
lower res graphics to use up less space and fit more content id assume