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The Wonderful 101!

Started by Neerb, August 09, 2013, 07:43:49 PM

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The Direct on Friday ended with this TREMENDOUS trailer of hilariously over-the-top trope-heavy super sentai nonsense and action.

And it ALSO announced that the demo is available NOW. I played it, and it's super awesome. The action is as non-stop and over-the-top as you'd expect. The controls are all over the place, though not in a bad way; it's Okami meets Pikmin meets Viewtiful Joe, yet still feels unique. Your super moves are activated by drawing either on the touch screen or with the right stick; personally, I thought the right stick worked perfectly fine and was much more convenient, but if you struggle like the guys at IGN the touch works too.

Only issue is the camera, which is to say there is none; you can only control it on the rare indoor area (which used the dual-screen feature of the Wii U in a better way than most games I've played), and the rest of the time it sometimes zooms in on its own and doesn't zoom out. It's very straight-forward gameplay, so I assume this zoom is purposeful for dramatic effect, except that I can't always tell which direction I should be running due to the 3D nature of the environment; there's only one way to go, but the city looks so good I feel like I could go anywhere.

And the game does look good. The framerate is melted butter, with my army of heroes moving beautifully through the environment without issue. The models don't all look TOO impressive close-up, I guess, but the cartoony nature makes up for it, and it's hard to blame them since SO MUCH is on screen at a time and it's rare where you'll be close enough to see true flaws.

Also, shockingly, the Demo includes the 5-player multiplayer mode, so your friends can try it with you as well. I haven't actually played it with anyone yet, but I tried connecting controllers, and it seems it supports the Gamepad for player 1 and either Pro Controllers or Wii Classic Controllers for players 2-5. I'm gonna try to get my friends on it with me on Monday to see just how chaotic it is.

Finally, it should be noted that the game does support off-screen play, but only sorta. You can switch the screens, but the areas requiring two screens will still exist, so you'll still have the occasional moment where you need to look at the TV again (or switch on the gamepad back and forth, I guess).

All-in-all, I will be buying this game. It feels very original and it's clear Platinum, the kings of quirky original games (not counting Suda51, which is more in a creepy way), had a lot of fun with it. Wonder Red for Smash Bros!


Gave it a quick play, need to play it again tomorrow. It was pretty fun and I liked it.

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Played the demo. I liked it a lot and will be picking this game up eventually.