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Suggest anime to noob

Started by Super, September 07, 2013, 12:15:05 PM

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I know that Viewtifulboy poopposted to the point of oblivion but does anyone want to actually discuss anime?

Whatcha been watchin' lately?

I've been all over the place to be honest. I've checked out Kill la Kill and Silver Spoon. Both are okay I guess. Not sure if I'll keep watching Silver Spoon, but Kill la Kill is...interesting. Definitely one of those shows where every other scene I find myself thinking "intercourse in' japs man", but if these are the same people that did Gurren and FLCL then I am not surprised.

Meanwhile the Attack on Titan craze is still going strong especially now that the English dub is underway.

And One Piece seems to finally be catching on in the Americas. The manga keeps appearing in the NYTimes bestseller list. Funimation is dubbing Thriller Bark so theres that. Still way behind, but hey its progress for those people that absolutely can't stand subtitles.


I've been watching Stardust Crusaders.



Great.  Very fun.  High quality.  Action-packed and cleverly written.
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Very clever of him, but hacker forgot the key difference.