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Smash Bros Recolors

Started by JrDude, April 16, 2014, 05:34:18 AM

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So for no reason beyond feeling like it, I've been editing the characters from Super Smash Bros U/3D to have costume that I either want, or are my favorite.
I wanted to do one for everyone, but I always want it to be SOMETHING that's like, real, not made up for the sake of another color for the game. For example, Red Kirby actually exists in the Kirby games, the Blue Bowser is Dark Bowser from Bowser's Inside Story, etc. I don't have ideas for everyone, so I was hoping for a bit of help.
One exception would be Wii Fit Trainer being XBox 360 Trainer.
Now, if you look at the full size of all of these recolors, you can tell they were done by an amateur, as some have some random colors here and there. I'm getting better as I do it, but the first ones have very noticeable errors in them, later ones have a smallish amount of errors. I don't really care, they look good when scrolling in my sig, and that's all that matters to me. I'm doing it for pointless fun.
So ideas would be appreciated, feedback on what I've finished if you want.
[spoiler=Finished Characters]
They are in order of when I did them.

Red Star Mario from Mario Galaxy.

Dark Link. I tried making his sword look like Demise's sword from Skyward Sword, since it looked similar to the Master Sword. Demise's sword also has a red Triforce on it, so I made the Triforce on the shield Red too. The other design was already red, so I kept it red. I prefer red eye color rather than the entire eyeball being red. In Brawl, the buckles are still gold, so I did the same. Tried that with the shirt thing at the bottom too, looks crappy.

Dark Bowser from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I prefer red eye color rather than the entire eyeball being red.

Red Kirby from Various. (My favorite color is Red)

Title Defense Little Mac. His shirt is far darker and has more red in this version, but I think it looks cool.

XBox 360 Trainer.

Darkspine Sonic from Sonic & the Secret Rings (I almost did Shadow, but that's too obvious).

Based on Mega Man X 1's full Dr. Light Capsule Armor.

Phazon Suit Samus. I'm super proud of this one personally.

Clearing Metroid super quickly gains you a Red Haired Samus in a Bikini. She had odd tan lines, but then I discovered another tool I could use to fix those.


Boshi from Super Mario RPG.


Shiny Lucario (which, oddly, wasn't in Brawl).

Pauline from Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Playstation Trainer.


Waddle Dee, because now I want all of my signature guys to be unique and not available in SSB4.

[spoiler=Characters I have ideas for:]
Charizard & Greninja: Shiny Variation, maybe.
Toon Link: Outset Island Link. Gonna play around with the hat as I see fit.
Pit: Pitoo.
Olimar: One of the captains from the latest game, I'd make the Pikmin look like other Pikmin that aren't being shown, White, Purple, and Pink (Obviously they'd have atributes that don't match them, but that's the fun of recoloring).
Donkey/Diddy Kong: Super Guide colors from DKC: Returns... looking for more ideas.
Rosalina: I was gonna make the Luma the Black Luma from Mario Galaxy, but I don't know for Rosalina. Cosmic Rosalina's a thing, but that would be difficult. I guess there's Fire Rosalina, but that's boring. Looking for ideas maybe.

If I didn't put them down, I don't have ideas for them, or the ideas I have for them are lame. I am looking for suggestions. Doesn't necessarily have to be cannon, or even related to their series. If nothing good comes up, I'll do like, their dark version from Brawl, or maybe make up a Dark version. (I like dark evil looking characters, in case you couldn't tell)
But for characters I do have ideas for, you can leave ideas for them too if you think your ideas are cooler. I may change my mind. But once I do one, I won't want to do another of the same character, so if I edit one, I will not do a different one, even if the idea is better.

Oh, and with Super Smash Bros. U/3D coming soon, I have an idea to bring the Smash Bros sub boards back, because there may be a lot of SSB content again. (Or a lot for us compared to other boards on the forum). So I thought I'd throw that out there if you want to Mr. Admins. Also online will be a thing that would be a fun thing to bring back.
Dude .

Flying Chickens

Eh. I respect the idea, and it's not like I can do any better, but the work is messy messy messy.


So when using some themes, I can click small images and make them normal sized. On the cooler Night Prowler, that doesn't happen. Why is this?
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I started to do more because I felt like it.
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