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Kirby: The Trouble with Tribbles Deluxe

Started by Neerb, May 02, 2014, 01:37:08 PM

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New game, out today, super good.

The music is great, and the game is B-E-A-UTIFUL. Kirby has never looked more adorable, the powers are fun, and the 3DS features... oh man. This game probably has the best use of the 3DS's motion and 3D features ever. It's not just gimmicky (usually), they make GREAT use of the 3D both for looks and for gameplay. The first boss, Flowery Woods (Wispy Woods 2: Rainbow Boogaloo) is already one of my favorite bosses in the franchise, which is saying a lot for ol' Wispy, the definitive easy first boss.

The minigames are great. Dedede's Drum or whatever is rhythm-based and hard as balls to perfect, and the Kirby Fighter is a Smash Bros. Lite that is really fun (though it doesn't have all of the powers from story mode, which is disappointing).

I haven't played a Kirby game since Epic Yarn (wanted to get RtDL, never did) and I haven't bought one since Super Star Ultra. It feels good to be back, and in such a colorful way.


I really like Green Greens playing on the world map. Not my favourite version of Green Greens, but it's still nice.


Alright, so a plus and a minus.

Plus: All of the bosses are awesome. All of them. Super creative, and while there's oddly only one boss theme, it's super catchy.
Minus: Did some download play with friends, it turns out that in Kirby Fighters the players download playing can only use Sword or Cutter, which is super lame considering they already removed most of the single-player powers from this mode.