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majora's mask

Started by Custom, February 20, 2015, 02:46:20 PM

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Tried and true.

One of my favorite games. Atmosphere,great music, satisfying sound effects, action, splorin', poop what more could a guy want out of a video game? The game doesn't hold your god darned hand(something that is alarming for Ninty tbh) and imo they shouldn't have bothered with many of the tiny changes but I'm not really complaining that I don't have to see that Deku merchant fly down from Clock Tower every time you approach the Deku Flower anymore. You see it once and then after that BAM hes in the flower for good like it fast forwards or something.

Majora's Mask is a shining example of why most modern games suck intercourse ing poop hole in and out. It is a intercourse ing TESTAMENT to that. I hate that I'm starting to sound old but hey, the truth is the truth. At least not all new games are hand holders. At least.


I never really played Majora before so this is honestly a new game to me. I didn't have an expansion pak back in the day. It's really intercourse in' good.


I'll probably pick this up sometime soon. I do want to get Code Name Steam eventually too, though.

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