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Continuing my spar with Condor *Private*

Started by Kuro Tsuwamono, September 24, 2007, 03:37:01 PM

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Kuro Tsuwamono

Quote from: Previous sparCondor grinned, and rigorously nodded his head. "One sec." He pushed his hand out, and a doorknob met his grasp, as a cupboard materialized along with it; a simple wooden door with a brass knob. Opening it, he peered inside. "Hmm...Where's that **** sword..."

After searching for a few minutes, an epiphany struck his head, and he closed the cupboard. Condor then reached for his pocket, and retrieved an intricate iron key, the metal woven in an artisan's fashion. The key too met a materialized keyhole in the cupboard face, and slipped in perfectly. The cupboard began to change. It grew taller and wider, into a large door, and the wood changed into an iron-grated gate, with just black beyond.

Opening the gate with a creak, he stepped in, and found all of his items sitting on a table. A pair of boots, the leather cuirass and greaves, a cape, a book, a pair of armlets, and lastly, a dark thin and narrow construct of magic with types of blinding white unknown sliding along its length. He clutched one end of it, and the type grew to consume the dark, and an elegant rapier formed in its stead.

"Okay, I've got my stuff. ^^" He spoke, returning from the room, retrieving the key and the door disappearing.


Kuro watched Condor go through his possessions, as passively patient as possible. He wasn't in any hurry, so all was good. In the mean time, he reached his right hand across into his torn up traveling cloak and placed his fingers on a sword hilt. The hilt had a laced pattern of an unknown blue and white fiber for its grip. Kuro pulled the katana out, revealing its marvelous blue shine of energy. This was his signature sword, the Spirit Katana.

He placed it at his side with a limp arm, still looking at his opponent. "So, are you ready yet? Nothing's changed with you... I'll make the first move, if you don't mind..." Kuro blinked, and twelve orbs of demonic spirit energy formed around the room. He then formed a ball of spiritual energy in front of him, the size of a small bounder, and shot it off to Condor..


The blade in his hand shimmered iridescently, as did the silver armlets. Condor rose an inch into the air for a brief second before shooting above the attack, and closing the distance between him and Kuro. The sword then shimmered black for a moment, releasing an unpleasant twinging chime into the air. Shadows grew on Kuro until two red eyes sparked the darkness to life, three creations of a dark miasma construct.

These dark shape-shifters, arisen before Kuro, lunged at him, with Condor in their stead, bringing the blade down upon him.


Kuro saw the constructs of darkness begin to form around him. Before they took enough corporeal form to pose a threat, he hopped backwards between two of the shadows while creating a bright aura of ki around him. He would be out of reach of Condor as well, but he kept his katana at ready just in case. He then extended a gauntlet in front of him, and it began to glow with a shining red energy...


The Shadows fell back into darkness, and Condor rose his left hand. Words of strength escaped his lips and dozens of bolts of magic flew from his palms to Kuro.


But Kuro planned for this. His gauntlet was weaving magical energy, mana, from the wild signature-less magical energy around him. It expanded into an orb twice the size of a basketball, then erupted into sparks of fiery lightning. They were attracted to the lightning bolts in the air, and ate away at Condor's magical bolts of lightening. They then burst outwards into manafire, a fire that feeds off of mana instead of oxygen. The fire expanded out like a sphere, which would eat clean through Condor apun contact...

"I learned new tricks..."


Condor released the magic, as the armlets released a sweet chime as Condor raised both his hands. He moved them about in a complex manner, warping the oncoming mana-fire, and gave it shape. The flame twisted, condensed and straightened into a humanoid figure. It stood next to Condor, and seemed to darken in several areas - growing a black armor.

A broadsword appeared in its hand and Condor spoke an incantation. Life ignited in it; powered by mana and controlled through its armor. "Same tricks, just playing on them." Condor grinned, and muttered a set of words, sending the creature at Kuro. Black-fires leaked from the broadsword, eager for action. Condor's blade, however, shone brilliantly. He ran about Kuro, and charged him.


There was but one problem. The fire wasn't composed of mana. It was just a fire that ate away at magical energy. So whatever magic Condor used to control the manafire would be eaten away, the manafire growing. It was modeled after a wildfire, that shoots from tree to tree in a forest.

But he would not count on that strategy pulling through, as no plan works exactly as it was made for. If the creature of manafire was to come at him, Kuro would jump back once more and point his left gauntlet out, speaking a soft phrase.

"Ariaga." With that work spoken, the trigger for his magic spell set the mana in his gauntlet for action. Violent winds spun around the beast, into a tornado-like vortex. Kuro rotated his gauntlet clockwise for it to spin faster and faster. Sharp winds destroyed the beast's fire into nothing.

Since the Beast ran forward, and Condor after it, he would catch up quickly by now. Kuro lifted up his gauntlet, and made a sword slash across where the gauntlet had been. The gusts would then explode with powerful bursts of air. Sharp, fiery winds would fly in every direction, trying to fill up vacuum space.

Kuro lastly formed a moderate sized orb of spirit energy in his hands. But the orb then expanded into a giant sized one...


Condor jumped back and raised his blade before his face, splitting the winds about him. As the gusts dissipated, the blade glowed with a fierce blue, which jumped from the steel of his blade to his left palm. The fire engulfed his body, and a moment later, sent him flying. The fire continued in an arrow-shape several feet before him and in a tail behind him.

The salamander sort of creature shot a stream of blue flame at Kuro, and quickly spiraled up and away into the sky, circling some ten meters above the ground.


Kuro let the gigantic orb explode in front of him just as the salamander was close. A blinding flashbang of pure brilliant white light filled the scene. A boom flared out like a jet engine, piercing the ears of any potential victims, including Condor. The explosion sent dust and debree up for victims to breathe in or get in their eyes, but...there was no damage. The explosion was mere kinetic force, with no heat or ethereal damage done to anything.

The salamander would find that Kuro was not in his original spot as it passed by. Meanwhile, the orbs of demonic spirit energy still buzzing around the field each emitted a strange pulse that could sear the soul. This pulse was not offensive in any way shape or form, but instead cloaked Kuro's energy signatures. He could not be tracked by sight, hearing, and now even energy sense, if Condor possessed such a thing.

In the instant that the orbs pulsated, and before the flashbang ended, a vertical sword slash, from Condor's left to right, would be attempted at Condor's torso. Kuro could still not be seen, although the flashbang would end shortly. The earsplitting sonic boom would by now have ended, but its damage would remain in the inner workings of Condor's ears for a long time...


Having heard the explosion, muttered a particular exclamation of surprise that would be censored here, and called forth a barrier, expecting a little more than just a sound burst. The sound extinguished his salamander, and Kuro's blade shattered the barrier, but absorbed its momentum before failing.

Condor rolled across the grass a few times, dazed. As it so happened, Condor did have energy senses, and knew at once something was wrong when it seemed to him Kuro was missing. He stood up quickly, sword at the ready, taking several brief glances around the field. Still... something lingered in his head. As neurons fired and an epiphany struck him, Condor sheathed his blade as he released magics.

His left eye turned to silver with ornate markings across its face. Condor fell to his knees and released the wolf, one of his earliest shapes. He bore brown fur, keen senses, foremost of which was scent.

One smell, and Kuro was seen in Condor's mind. The wolf called for more shadow-sendings, as his own shadows became black wolves, marked with red glaring eyes. The small pack then rushed Kuro, having heightened agility and following their noses.


But Kuro still had some tricks up his sleeve.

Just after the slash pierced the barrier, The area where the sword came from exploded in a strange, watery clear explosion of some strange energy. This was an astral acid, which ate through souls. But how could Kuro explode like such?

The acid would strike Condor just as he was rolling back, most likely catching him off on surprise. It would then dissipate into the nothingness of the air. Just then Kuro would appear in a flurry of alternate images, fading in with speed. The warrior stood there, watching Condor's movements with his cold glare. A radiant shine came from his Soul Katana, but Kuro was holding something different in his left hand. A jagged dagger, around six inches in length, was grasped in his fingers. it had no edged, just rounded curves, called luks, each an inch long. This was Kuro's Soul Keris...

The armlets, in presence of such a specially corrosive substance as astral acid, would have reflected such liquids, thankfully without the will of Condor.

* * * * *

Condor stood up, relived of his wolf shape, but his left eye still remained silver, granting him the scent and hearing of a wolf. The pack of Shadow-Wolves gaped their mouths, eager for flesh as they walked about Kuro, springing with target on an arm or a leg.


Kuro stood still as the wolves surrounded him. There seemed to be no escape, except maybe flying. But then again, these wolves may have a vast jumping range. But he already had a solution, and soon enough when the wolves attacked, one of the orbs of darkness flew at him and engulfed him. The wolves would then collide into the orb and be electrocuted by an unseen source of electric energy. The jolts would singe through both their body and ethereal energies, including the darkness which composed them.

Quite a distance away, Kuro strode out from another orb. The orb then floated away to a random location. The warrior kept walking to Condor, his cloak swaying in the wind. He smirked, but why?

Just them, Condor and any remaining wolves would feel the force of countless jolts of powerful electricity. Condor would feel it within his soul, quickly zapping away at its ethereal signature. His body would be in no fair shape either. Within seconds his muscles would tighten up and decay; his skin would tear; and his blood would boil.

"Cloaked lightning..."


The painful lightning struck through Condor's body for only an instant before his Zoran instincts turned on; absorbing the lightning and using it to power the transformation from human to Zora. Now bearing the cloak of the Zoran King Zencar, the lightning bounced off the reflecting zoran scales. Pain struck his body where the lightning entered, but Condor bit his tongue, and raised the transformed Zelch Fain to Kuro.

Now, for my response:


Oh, but Condor made a fatal mistake. Apun absorbing the energy into his body, Condor would be combined with Kuro's demonic spirit energy. As soon as he began to transform, Condor would be violently pushed back into his previous form. Why? Because this energy had a reversing power, similar to the idea of seeing a dark reflection of yourself in a murky mirror.

So now Condor will be surged with pain from the demonic spirit energy (now in a purely energetic form, as opposed to cloaked lightning) twisting around with his own energies and forcing them into backward functions. This would distract Condor for a bit longer than it would take to have transformed as he intended. Perhaps a second. And that second of preoccupation would be all it took for Kuro to make two slashes across Condor's stomach with his katana, having almost teleported with speed in that instance of slacked time.

He landed on his feet, his katana pointed in front of him to the ground after his X-shaped slice. From the path where the sword slashed formed two thin, yet expanding waves of blue spirit energy, criss crossing from the middle as well. This insured that even if Condor was able to block or dodge, damage would be delt...

Swirls of marvelously swirling spirit energy swished around Kuro, as a protective aura...


As the second wave of pain struck, his instincts continued to act on their own. Though, being half-way through the transformation, much of the attack was absorbed and displaced. Yet before he was completely transformed, the ears of the wolf picked up his movements the second Kuro moved. The gleam of the katana in the sunlight revealed it's path to Condor, and he brought up the (probably still transforming... time's iffy here >.>) sword to deflect the first blow, and his right (or left...depends on the 'x' >.>) armlet meeting the second strike.

As the energy exploded into existence (if it's still there), Condor locked his wrists in an 'x', the energy (in whatever shape it is now) colliding with the magical silver. The energy struck him, and Condor flipped back once, directing the energy behind him, landing facing Kuro, a flips distance (? >.>) back.
The Shadow of the Plaens
Go there now! Read, enjoy, let me know if ye like! =D

Kuro Tsuwamono

Just as the ki touched Condor's arm guards, it wrapped around him and turned into very strong strips of metal. He would now be in the air, falling from misplaced momentum. Kuro ran at Condor as a blur, his katana filling with pure red mana. As Kuro stabbed into Condor's stomach, the mana burst into manafire, eating away at any magical energy it touched. That included any of Condor's spells...


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