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How'd she do that?

Started by Lotos, October 19, 2007, 12:40:42 pm

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I IM'd my GF the DK board link.  I told her to figure out who I was.  She found me  :-[

Her (3:31:04 PM): um... let me see
Her (3:32:29 PM): Lotos?
Me (3:32:31 PM): how'd u know?
Me (3:32:39 PM): D:
Her (3:32:49 PM): idk.. seemed..... fimilair
Me (3:32:49 PM): o
Her (3:32:54 PM): or h.e its spelt
Me (3:32:58 PM): thought u clicked teh name
Her (3:33:09 PM): nope
Her (3:33:17 PM): you could ckik it
Her (3:33:17 PM): ?
Her (3:33:19 PM): lolz
Me (3:33:17 PM): yah
Her (3:33:36 PM): lolz ohh Phaha
Her (3:34:20 PM): pluse the fav. sound effect/voice w.e kinda gave it away
Her (3:34:21 PM): =]
Me (3:34:26 PM): how?
Her (3:34:36 PM): i rember you said something
Her (3:34:41 PM): about you liking vid game music
Me (3:34:49 PM): but that could have been anyone
Me (3:34:54 PM): I just wanted to make a thread


Red Alert

wow aim conversations are interesting


How'd you get a girlfriend?
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not famy

You're not supposed to show real people this kind of stuff.




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How'd you get a girlfriend?
How do I get one?
tuch thar but gurlz luv taht
Eww, no.
Well, some do, but most would be disgusted.
I know, it was a joke. I'm of the female gender myself. :P