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"Hey..." Awkward Moments...

Started by THEBIRD, April 27, 2008, 07:05:07 pm

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The title must lead you to believe this will be one of those, 'Post awkward moments when running into people!', but it's not. Sorry. Actually, I was just thinking about South Park, the Internet episode (I think it was called Interlogging or Internet logging? Don't remember). There is a part where Shelly needs internet to chat with her internet boyfriend. She meets him in real life while in California to get some internet, and they have this really awkward "Hey..." moment. But as soon as he leaves, she's all like, "Yay we're still together!!!!!".

Do you think you guys would ever be like that with internet pals/boyfriends/girlfriends? You might be able to express yourself online, but then you meet them offline and it's just an awkward situation where you both just stand there.


If I would I would never let it down.


Well, it's odd to see someone you met online in real life.

Or vice versa.

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When you first meet them offline it's awkward, but you soon sink into normal conversation and it feels like being old friends.