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Choose Your Own Adventure, NSFCD

Started by Tupin, April 09, 2012, 07:49:15 pm

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(Just a generic CYOA. I'll choose whatever is posted first, or whatever is posted the most.)

You have no idea how you got chosen for this mission. Apparently the NASA/ESA scientists declared you fit for new exploration missions. You remember the ceremony where it was announced. You barely passed training. Sure, you had worked on the Moon base once and had been in Martian orbit, but you beat out the first man on Mars. Yeah, the media had a field day with that one.

The director ushers you into his office, one day during training. He says you'll have a choice of your mission. You could take the mission to:

A. Titan

B. Europa

What is your choice?

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You think it over, and excitedly tell the director "Titan, of course!" "Ah yes, I think you'll love the Intrepid. One of our finest ships, and the lander is state-of-the art." the director says. He shakes your hand, and says, "Treat her well, captain." All that is going through your mind is the training. Well, that and what a two-year stint in a ship is going to do to your sanity.

After a year, numerous TV appearances, and too many NASA/ESA classes to count, it is launch day. As you walk into the elevator with your crew, you look up at the Intrepid. Scientists were calling it a "triumph of engineering" that could withstand the vacuum of space AND keep the astronauts comfortable. "They're not the ones spending two years in there." you think to yourself. The elevator starts up. You let your crew into the ship first. Then, you wave the cameras goodbye, close the door, and engage the locks.

No matter how many times you were in the trainer, it couldn't compare to this. There's nothing in here that isn't displayed on a screen, and you remember when ships still had actual controls, rather than the touchscreens the Intrepid is equipped with.

You must devote yourself to a study during the two year trip. While the research about growing in harsh environments is well-documented, you are intrigued by the possibility of valuable deposits of materials on the moon, but it may not be as thought. Which do you study?

A. Extremophile plants

B. Theoretical deposits on Titan

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Tuppy frightens me with his knowledge of legacy technology.


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In between your monotonous days of experiments, calculations, and the same five movies your crew could agree to put on during your designated recreational periods, you pour over the literature about extremophile plants. You decide you'll use some of the seeds in a greenhouse you set up when your mission reaches the surface. NASA and the ESA are adamant about growing under controlled conditions and searching for indigenous life, if any, before introducing Earth species.

You can't get your mind off of Titan. You aren't sure whether or not you're ready to be mankind's next great explorer, remembered for all time. You lose sleep many hours over this. Your crew mates aren't exactly helping.

"Snap out of it!" your mates say. "I swear to God guys, if I have to watch The Sound of Music one more time..." you trail off and exhaustedly go limp. You barely can strap yourself back into your bed.

You wake up one morning, and realize for the first time in years how far away from home you really are. The totality of the distance amazes you, almost as much as the photos of the Solar System you have taken. You finally arrive in orbit around Titan after years in space. NASA transmits you videos their celebration, champagne and all. But the real work is about to get done, no time for you to celebrate.

Do you:

A. Remain in orbit for several days to collect atmospheric data


B. Begin preparations for deorbit and landing?

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Tuppy frightens me with his knowledge of legacy technology.


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I demand a 3rd option that doesn't sound boring.
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