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*Badonk* Amiibo!

Started by JrDude, December 31, 2015, 02:13:39 AM

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So what are your people's opinions on Amiibos?
Little toys that sometimes function in the games you play somehow.
Some needing specific Amiibos for it to do anything at all, some being able to use most.
Honestly, when they were first revealed, I hated the idea. I was going to get 1, and be done with it.
Then Hyrule Warriors made me buy a second one to get a weapon.
Then suddenly I have like, 20.
The intercourse .
Truly, I hate these intercourse ing things, but my inner child (who likes to collect things) keeps intercourse ing buying them.
They're basically roughly $15 DLC, but most of the DLC is worth maybe 3¢. But then sometimes usable on multiple games (so if useful for 2 games, worth 6¢)
[spoiler=Smash Bros.]I like it because it's basically the fighter of the game doing what the trophies do in the Smash Bros. Universe. They "come to life". Other than that, they suck. I used my first Amiibo (Yoshi) up to lvl 50, but none of my others have made it to 50. Some pretty darn high, but none 50.
Though it's interesting, if you look at all the DLC characters, their poses were much less elaborate than the non DLC characters. I THINK that was specifically so their Amiibos wouldn't have to use those weird plastic holders to hold them up (though I may be wrong, as Mewtwo still needed it, as his legs were too spread apart)[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Hyrule Warriors]Probably the most useful use. You get a weapon if you use the Link Amiibo. The only time it's good worth the money DLC (kind of). Though other ones work, if you use Zelda related ones, you get rare weapons, if not Zelda related, you get random ass stuff, but still technically usable.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Mario Party]Mario Party Amiibo usage, completely useless. First of all, Amiibo party sucks donkey balls, second, you don't NEED the Amiibos to play (though using different ones sometimes gets you new levels, which are barely different and still suck). The only real use was to get different bottoms for playing the game. WOO, WANNA PLAY AMIIBO PARTY GUIS, MY AMIIBO HAS A DONUT STAND![/spoiler]
[spoiler=Silver\Gold Mario]Yes, I have them both. Judge me not.
Fucking useless (until Super Mario Maker).
The fact that they're Silver or Gold has NO EFFECT on the games they're usable in. (Except SMM)
Their existence was made so they would be worth a lot, and that's it.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Splatoon]I don't have any Splatoon Amiibos. I want the green squid, store price, not whatever the intercourse  it sells for online.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Yoshi's Woolly World]Pretty cool for what it is, though technically worthless. Your Yoshi now looks like the Amiibo you put on.
I was saddened that my MP Mario, Smash Mario, Pixel Mario, Silver Mario, and Gold Mario, were all just, Mario.
But intercourse ing, Woolly World is one of the newest games on the Wii U today. Why do some Amiibos NOT work? I tried Charizard, and I got a Green Yoshi wearing an Amiibo Shirt. Like, intercourse , really? Lazy as poop.
Now, I don't know which other Amiibos are like this, but I assume a lot. I have some I haven't used yet (I activate a new Amiibo right before every level I play, and never beforehand).
Also, intercourse ed up my ordering system. I made them fit in a nice order (unintentionally actually, I didn't realize they lined up in the order you loaded them up until after got useless Amiibo shirt). Costumes in a nice order.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Super Mario Maker]Also, technically useless, but it's pretty cool.
This one may be one of the most useless, as everything you can get with an Amiibo, you can also get just by playing the game.
First game to recognize the intercourse ing differentness of my Silver and Gold Mario.
And what's cool about those 2, is their extra uniqueness in the Star use. It plays Metal Mario/Wing Cap music. So far, from what I've seen, nothing else does anything different with the Star Sound.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Pokémon]Seems weird to mention, but what's up with the Pokémon Amiibo hating?
To explain, in Mario Kart 8, there are no Pokémon suits.
In Super Mario Maker, Most Mystery Mushrooms have unique sound effects, death music, and goal reaching music. Not the Pokémon. They get the default, *Badoink* and regular ending music. I mean, no "PIKA!" or anything like that?
And Woolly World. I've only tried Charizard, but I'm kind of expecting all of the Pokémon to be useless Yoshi in a T Shirt.
Why is this?[/spoiler]
Dude .


I have some Amiibos. It's crazy to want to collect them all, but I have some. I like my Mega Man, Zelda amiibos(I have em' all), and Captain Falcon. Sort of want Mewtwo but I just don't see the value Nintendo sees in them as far as game interactivity goes.