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Smash Bros. How Did They Die?

Started by JrDude, November 16, 2018, 03:13:49 AM

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November 16, 2018, 03:13:49 AM Last Edit: November 16, 2018, 03:14:24 AM by JrDude
So for literally no reason beyond because I feel like it. I have decided to type out a slight fan-fiction-esque of what happened to each character in the intro to World of Light.
It showed some of them, but there's over 70 characters, & most of them are unaccounted for. How did THEY get turned into Spirits? What did they do before they basically died?
Chances are, we aren't going to see all of them, maybe a bit more, but most will still be unseen.

Link: In a desperate attempt to fight back, he blocked as many rays with his powerful shield, while slashing. The attacks came too fast & caught him while off guard.
Samus: Attempting to fight back alongside Link, she shoots them with her arm canon.
Zelda: Assuming these Rays can be deflected, she summons Nayru's Love to send them back.
Mewtwo: Thinking he may be able to stop it, he pulls out his hand to fight it back with a powerful attack.
Pikachu: Seeing all these heroes wither, runs as fast as he can to escape.
Sonic: Seeing a little Animal Buddy struggling to run free, he slows to rescue him.
Bayonetta: Barely dodging a first beam using Bat Within, is unable to do anything more while recovering from the move.
Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard: Trying to fight back, they use their Final Smash, Triple Finish.
Bowser: Seeing the efforts done by PT & his Pokémon, he tries his own Fire Breath to assist.
Captain Falcon: Sees fighting back is worthless, he tries to escape in his Blue Falcon. Is caught just before he gets in.
Lucario: Barely dodges one beam with a slight teleportation, but is unable to see the second beam coming as he appears right behind Greninja.
Greninja: Jumps over a beam of light, but being unable to control movement in the air, gets hit.
Inklings: In a desperate attempt to maybe hide, they shoot their own ink onto the floor, and dive in.
Falco: Successfully making it to his Arwing, he flies away. Unfortunately the beams of light are faster.
Palutena: Attempts to deflect the beams with her Reflect Barrier. To no avail.
Pit, Dark Pit: Using Palutena's Magic, "Power of Flight," they attempt to fly away. However, once she is defeated, they fall, and get hit as well.
Snake: Seeing all is useless, hides in a box, hoping hiding will be successful. It isn't.
Diddy Kong, Rosalina & Luma: Attempt to fly away (Diddy using Rocket Barrels), aren't fast enough.
Villager: Flips the intercourse  out and runs in circles.
Duck Hunt: Dog is scared out of his mind, hides behind his paws, Duck however tries to fly away with him.
Wii Fit Trainer: Using her Yoga Pose Tree, attempts to use Invincibility Frames to prevent damage. Doesn't work here.

Kirby: Jumps onto a Warp Star. Dodges beams coming left and right. Successfully escapes by vanishing into thin air.
Shulk: Seeing the future, he knows he can't stop it. He runs to tell someone who doesn't get hit. Kirby.
King Dedede: Because Kirby characters seem to know the right things to do, he comes in late, carrying the Warp Star, but he falls on his face, unable to recover.
Meta Knight: Knows only Kirby can do this, as he's been debuffed from Brawl, so he finishes the delivery of said Warp Star, sacrificing himself.
Mario: Successfully deflects a beam with his cape, but is unable to block a second one.
Donkey Kong: Grabs Princess Nana like she's Pauline or something and starts running.
Nana: Gets King Kong'd to no avail.
Popo: Runs after Donkey Kong & Nana.
Young Link: Jumps on Yoshi to ride him like a Horse to attempt to escape to safety.
Yoshi: Runs for his life when a young green kid jumps on him and slows him down.
Luigi: Cowers in fear, hiding behind Simon.
Simon: Attempts to destroy the light with his Holy Water, creating Flames in front of him.
Ness: Stand in front of Peach alongside a Toad using his PSI Magnet to protect her.
Peach: Stands behind her trusty Toad & Ness, hoping they can prevent the light from hitting.
Pichu: Attempts running away using Quick Attack, running alongside Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff: Is rolling away as fast as she can using her Rollout, rolling alongside Pichu.
Bower Jr. & the Koopalings: All drive away as fast as they can.
Wario: Rides his Bike as fast as he can away. Hits a rock. Gets hit midair.
Little Mac: Follows Wario riding the bike, tries to take the Bike. Fails.
Fox: Goes for a full frontal assault. Successfully makes it into his Arwing, and flies toward the danger. Dodges many, before getting too close to the fire.
Wolf: Dodges a beam coming from his right, gets blindsided by one on his left.
Mr. Game & Watch: Tries to collect the light in his bucket, but it overflows and eventually fails.
Mega Man, Dark Samus: Each attempt using each of their extremely strong beams to blast the light.
Ganondorf: Thinks he may be able to survive by turning into Ganon if he's too big. He becomes huge. Several Beams of light hit him and overpower the beast.
Corrin: Turns into a huge Dragon to follow suit.
Ridley: Follows a similar strategy by standing up straight.
Richter: Holds up a Cross after seeing too many demons.
Cloud: Slashes at the light.
Marth: Using his Final Smash, he attempts running REALLY REALLY FAST away.
Daisy: Smacks the light.
Ryu, Ken: Attempt to combing their powerful Hadoukens to shoot a much bigger Hadouken.
Sheik: Vanishes in a puff of smoke. Only to reappear next to Lucina.
Lucina: Noticing Sheik, tries to defend her.
Isabelle: Buries a Lloid. The Lloid flies up in the sky.
Lucas: Saves Isabelle from getting hit by a light. Runs with her, only to trip on some wire on the floor.
Olimar, Alph: Fly up, similarly to the Lloid, to try to escape.
King K Rool, R.O.B.: Try flying away with their Propeller and Rocket Launcher, respectively.
Roy, Toon Link, Ike: Charge up their swords for an ultimate attack. Right as they attack, they get wiped.
Robin: Casts a powerful spell straight ahead.
Chrom: Shoves Robin aside to not get hit by a beam, gets hit instead (As does Robin soon after).
Incineroar: Throws Pac-Man upward right before getting hit.
Pac-Man: Is thrown. Follows up by throwing a Galaxian. Also gets hit by Beam.
Dr Mario, Zero Suit Samus: There are Trophies of them lying on the floor for some reason. The beam of light hits them.

If you read all of this. Thanks.
Peace out.
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"yes you are anusface, but i am better than!!" - taw, steam forums